Table For One


Loving on me. Yeah that’s right. I’m making love to myself and no I’m not talking about the LOVE that you need batteries for. It’s loving yourself on the inside. Understanding who you are to the core. Embracing the flaws, shortcomings, blemishes, stretch marks and the wrinkle lines in your forehead.
Self – confidence is LOVE. It’s the light that can’t be dimmed: It’s something that’s comes from within. You see, with confidence, you won’t ever settle for second best. You will only associate with those who are on your confidence level. You will look for this trait in your partner. When your confident, it leaves no room for jealousy or insecurities. When your confident you know what you bring to the LOVE table. Therefore, you won’t mind eating alone. Loving yourself will only set the precedent for how you should be loved.
Learning how to love another starts with loving yourself. So don’t be afraid to make LOVE to you. ❤️

Take Care Of Your Garden

“It’s just not my time yet”. Over the years, I have come to the realization that life doesn’t operate on our time, but on HIS time.🙌 Have we really considered that there’s more for us to learn? More for us to experience?
We are given this time to ourselves to harvest our personal garden. We become so consumed by the forces around us. So what does that mean for our garden? It becomes abandoned, dry and unkept. Lacking the proper nutrients to keep it sustained. If we spend so much time worrying about another person’s garden ours will sure whither away. How could we say we are preparing ourselves for that right person when we won’t take responsibility for what’s in our backyard? As a result we force ourselves to fit into situations that haven’t been molded for us. It’s like a square forcing himself into a circle: it just won’t work.
When we find that special LOVE, it becomes the pieces to our missing puzzle. The LOVE has been constructed in a way that all the pieces fall right into place. It won’t present a challenge to put together. It will be a smooth transition. By this time, our personal garden will be full of life, fortified and ready to withstand the elements of the world: Not easily uprooted.
So take this time to nurture and water your garden: Your LOVE will find it’s way. ❤️



Beyoncé : A Woman of LOVE


I don’t know about anybody else but I’m still on a “Bey 🐝High”. In case you missed it, Beyoncé was awarded the Michael Jackson VideoVanguard Award at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and her performance was nothing short of Amazing! Her almost 20 minute performance left me at the edge of my bed, as I sang along to all the songs of her self titled “Beyoncé” album. I’m not gonna go on a rant too much about how great she is and that she’s one of my favorite artists, but I want to highlight her LOVE.
A moment that stood out to me was when she started singing “Blue”. You could feel the emotion in her body as she belted out the song which payed tribute to her daughter, Blue Ivy. She became so teary eyed. I felt the tears come down my eyes as I anticipate the day to have the same feeling for my own child. I think it’s a beautiful thing to reach the success ladder with your fans and family cheering you on wishing you well. To see Beyoncé become comfortable in her LOVE was a beautiful sight to see. We know Beyoncé is not a woman of many words but she will show you all she has through her actions. When her husband, Sean Carter came on the stage with their daughter, Blue Ivy, we saw Beyoncé melt before us. She even shared a passionate kiss with her husband for all to witness. For a moment we saw her become vulnerable and unguarded. Amongst all the thousand screaming fans, the only two people that mattered in that room were her husband and daughter. A lesson that I learned from watching Beyoncé is that LOVE is being comfortable in your own skin. LOVE is fearless. LOVE is vulnerability. LOVE is family. LOVE is knowing that no matter how high you reach on your path to success, seeing those familiar faces will keep you grounded. LOVE is finding balance. Beyoncé not only won the VideoVanguard Award, but she also won the LOVE award. ❤️

Laying With You Is Like..


So I wrote this piece at 6:30am and then went back to sleep. Now as I rise, I wanted to share it with you all. I didn’t want the weekend to pass by without me dropping a line. Real short and sweet. Okay, here it goes:

Laying with you is the best medicine I could ever be prescribed. Your arms cover me, protecting me from the evil that exists. Your words ignite a fire in me. Your touch soothes me putting my body at ease. It takes away the pain and the fears of yesterday. In our physical exchange, our souls are tied becoming one. We take on each other’s energies filling the room with the sounds that only we understand. Laying with you is something special. Laying with you is LOVE. ❤️

But Wait! I’m with Someone Else.. Right?


So you’re just gonna kiss me like that? But I don’t even know you. Wait. Maybe I do. I mean my body wants to know you but I’m with someone else. “What’s that you ask?” “Is he my boyfriend?”
At this moment my eyes drop and I look away with embarrassment. “Here I go, always leaving a space in my heart for someone who hasn’t committed to me.” I mean he’s going to commit to me but he just needs more time. Yeah that’s right more time. He’s finishing up nursing school so that’s more important. Let’s call him “RN”. I mean once he’s done it’s going to be me and him. He’s going to give me the LOVE that I’ve been searching for. But in the meantime, let’s get back to this kiss. It was invigorating, electrifying and consuming. We all know what it is like to have that perfect kiss. A kiss is the icing to the cake, the finishing touch to a work of art. It’s a form of communication that is only understood by the two parties involved. It has a rhythm of it’s own. So I let “him” kiss me. He had these dark features, strong and chiseled arms and he was rather aggressive. Maybe it was the “African” in him. So dominant and assertive. His Issey Miyake cologne filled the air and I was in complete bliss. His cocoa complexion blended into the night and the only way I could find him was through his kiss. His lips were full. His teeth were as white as the pearls that can be found at the bottom of the ocean. “You’re such a good kisser.” he whispered. I just kissed him more in agreement with his comment.
There was something so mysterious about him. I was still intrigued by his humility. His family was comprised of doctors and nurses originating from Nigeria living in the suburbs of New York. “Africa” wanted to make a name for himself. He was currently studying at John Jay College majoring in forensic economics. Not only was he a good kisser but “Africa” had ambition. This wasn’t suppose to happen, I mean all I was trying to do was say goodbye. This is not the farewell I had in mind and besides I have “RN” right ? ❤️.

“For Better or Worse I Still Will Choose You FIRST”


Ok. So I’m kinda hype. This whole blogging thing is giving me a rush. I really couldn’t wait to write my second post. But first things first, there’s something you should know about me. I love music. But when I talk about music I’m not referring to the music you “twerk” to. I’m talking about that “feel-good” music. The kind of music that touches your soul. When I think about LOVE I think about one artist that conveyed the message so well: “Musiq SoulChild”. His neo-soul sound left me captivated. I made it my business to collect all of his albums. One of the albums titled, “Juslissen”, had a very special song. The track was “LOVE”. In my opinion he captured the true essence of what love is. To this day it is still one of my favorite songs. You’re probably wondering “Um why do we need to know this?” Well in order to want this thing called “Love” one must embody it’s full meaning. I mean LOVE is not something you buy in a store, you can’t order it online, it’s not waiting for you at your homegirls/homeboys house. It’s not found on your various social media sites but it’s something that comes from within. You can’t repost, retweet, reblog or pin this thing called LOVE. It’s a deep rooted emotion. A feeling. Sometimes referred to as indescribable, irresistible, powerful. It is the healer of all things. LOVE is where we seek refuge when are world is in disarray. It is where we seek warmth on the coldest of nights. Oh yeah, LOVE is something special! I would be a fool to give up on not having this feeling (again)! LOL. I felt that it was important for me to share with you what LOVE does for me. It makes me feel like I am on cloud 9! I have also learned in my adulthood to continue to surround myself with LOVE. The origin of my LOVE was first unveiled to me by my parents. My mother and father have always shown me what it is to love and love unconditionally. My father shows love through his actions. Always using terms of endearment when he says my name, always providing for me, making sure there was always food on the table. As a man from the island of Jamaica he never was a verbal person but nonverbally he always has made his love for me very clear. My mother, who is also from the island of Jamaica, has shown me LOVE in the morals she has instilled in me, always going the extra mile and making sure I have the best of EVERYTHING. She’s the first to give you her last and she is always there to lend a helping hand. I needed to bring you back to my foundation of LOVE so you can understand my connection with this beautiful thing. I make it my duty to be an example of LOVE. It’s in my walk, my talk, my actions, and most importantly, in my heart. I know God is taking his time in creating the LOVE that’s right for me. He has taken me through these experiences to sharpen my path of LOVE and for that I am forever greatful. They say, “You gotta find people who love like you do”. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. Instead of worrying about a man who can match my “fly”, I have learned I need a man who will match my “LOVE”. ❤️

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.. Check out the video below!;_ylt=A0LEV01M__VTo1MAHlRx.9w4;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZmhlbWVyBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA01PVVMyNV8x?p=love+by+musiq+soulchild&tnr=21&vid=FA9056B6180EA839BEDCFA9056B6180EA839BEDC&l=289&

Something New

It must have been the call to one of my Cancerian friends 2 days ago who encouraged me to: “Blog. Write. Share. Be open”. At first I was a bit reluctant but than I figured, “Hey, what do I really have to lose?” I have been in a whirlwind of experiences when it comes to men and she felt it was my duty to tell my story. Or shall I say “stories”. You know 31 days into being 30 years old has taught me a lot. I find that every failed situation with a man has only led me closer to what I want in my “ideal” man. I could create an outlet that bashes and degrades men. Discuss their shortcomings and their dishonesty. Talk about how “they ain’t sh@$ and they never gonna be sh@$”. But that would just make me a very angry and miserable person. So I have decided to focus on all the good that has come out of the disappointments. All the beauty that has come out of the ugly because I am firm believer that what you put out in this universe you will get back. The only thing I plan on putting out is LOVE. So I’m gonna refer to these pieces as my “LOVE in the City”. Hope your ready for a different kind of LOVE. ❤️