Something New

It must have been the call to one of my Cancerian friends 2 days ago who encouraged me to: “Blog. Write. Share. Be open”. At first I was a bit reluctant but than I figured, “Hey, what do I really have to lose?” I have been in a whirlwind of experiences when it comes to men and she felt it was my duty to tell my story. Or shall I say “stories”. You know 31 days into being 30 years old has taught me a lot. I find that every failed situation with a man has only led me closer to what I want in my “ideal” man. I could create an outlet that bashes and degrades men. Discuss their shortcomings and their dishonesty. Talk about how “they ain’t sh@$ and they never gonna be sh@$”. But that would just make me a very angry and miserable person. So I have decided to focus on all the good that has come out of the disappointments. All the beauty that has come out of the ugly because I am firm believer that what you put out in this universe you will get back. The only thing I plan on putting out is LOVE. So I’m gonna refer to these pieces as my “LOVE in the City”. Hope your ready for a different kind of LOVE. ❤️


14 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Marsh says:

    Shenaeeee! I absolutely Love and this idea! I think you’re very smart and experienced and we can learn a lot from your thoughts and ideas about men, most importantly about LOVE! I’ll be tuning in for juicy deets. I know you won’t disappoint lol.
    ❤️ Marsha


    • MoonChild19 says:

      Awwww thanks Marsha!!! ❤️ I appreciate the support and of course the LOVE !!! Yesss! I guarantee some tea will be spilled! Lol!! 😘


    • MoonChild19 says:

      Thanks byabi!!! Yesss find the “sweet in the bitter”! That’s the theme of it all!! Yesss!!! We are on the battlefield everyday on the quest for our Love!!!😘😘😘😁😁


  2. Brownie this makes me SO happy! if there is any one who has a few words on love…love lost, love found, love anticipated questioned and returned… it’s you. You know I always feel like you speak a word lol. Definitely excited to be reading along with you.


    • MoonChild19 says:

      Awww thanks soooo Sooo much Shann! That means a whole lot!! You know about my LOVE journey!! Lol! I haven’t given up! Thank you for the support!!😘😘😬😬😬


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