But Wait! I’m with Someone Else.. Right?


So you’re just gonna kiss me like that? But I don’t even know you. Wait. Maybe I do. I mean my body wants to know you but I’m with someone else. “What’s that you ask?” “Is he my boyfriend?”
At this moment my eyes drop and I look away with embarrassment. “Here I go, always leaving a space in my heart for someone who hasn’t committed to me.” I mean he’s going to commit to me but he just needs more time. Yeah that’s right more time. He’s finishing up nursing school so that’s more important. Let’s call him “RN”. I mean once he’s done it’s going to be me and him. He’s going to give me the LOVE that I’ve been searching for. But in the meantime, let’s get back to this kiss. It was invigorating, electrifying and consuming. We all know what it is like to have that perfect kiss. A kiss is the icing to the cake, the finishing touch to a work of art. It’s a form of communication that is only understood by the two parties involved. It has a rhythm of it’s own. So I let “him” kiss me. He had these dark features, strong and chiseled arms and he was rather aggressive. Maybe it was the “African” in him. So dominant and assertive. His Issey Miyake cologne filled the air and I was in complete bliss. His cocoa complexion blended into the night and the only way I could find him was through his kiss. His lips were full. His teeth were as white as the pearls that can be found at the bottom of the ocean. “You’re such a good kisser.” he whispered. I just kissed him more in agreement with his comment.
There was something so mysterious about him. I was still intrigued by his humility. His family was comprised of doctors and nurses originating from Nigeria living in the suburbs of New York. “Africa” wanted to make a name for himself. He was currently studying at John Jay College majoring in forensic economics. Not only was he a good kisser but “Africa” had ambition. This wasn’t suppose to happen, I mean all I was trying to do was say goodbye. This is not the farewell I had in mind and besides I have “RN” right ? ❤️.

12 thoughts on “But Wait! I’m with Someone Else.. Right?

    • MoonChild19 says:

      Aowwww! You know you can feel me! I just want to create pieces that are relatable! Awww thanks Twin! From miles away you show love! ❤️❤😘😘! Post 4 will come soon!


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