Table For One


Loving on me. Yeah that’s right. I’m making love to myself and no I’m not talking about the LOVE that you need batteries for. It’s loving yourself on the inside. Understanding who you are to the core. Embracing the flaws, shortcomings, blemishes, stretch marks and the wrinkle lines in your forehead.
Self – confidence is LOVE. It’s the light that can’t be dimmed: It’s something that’s comes from within. You see, with confidence, you won’t ever settle for second best. You will only associate with those who are on your confidence level. You will look for this trait in your partner. When your confident, it leaves no room for jealousy or insecurities. When your confident you know what you bring to the LOVE table. Therefore, you won’t mind eating alone. Loving yourself will only set the precedent for how you should be loved.
Learning how to love another starts with loving yourself. So don’t be afraid to make LOVE to you. ❤️

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