Sunday’s Best


Today I had a date and it was great.

It was great for the words that were spoken, the maturity of the conversation and most importantly the connection. It was real, raw and uncut. But this meet up was different for me. For the first time I never cared if he had the latest sneakers or if there were designer labels on his clothes. For the first time I was moved by his plans for the future, career advancement, his take on education, raising children and cultural values.

After we partaked in our meals we spent time bringing our insecurities and flaws to the table. We shared a moment of being vulnerable which was the most satisfying part of the meal. He brought insight, intellect and inquiry which I devoured.

After leaving the brunch table, I walked away feeling full in more ways than one. It was one of the best meals I have experienced on a Sunday.

“A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content.”❤️

“Beauty” Is Her Name


LOVE me not only for what you can see but LOVE me for what you can feel, for there is where my true beauty lies..

What is beauty? What makes someone beautiful? I hear the word thrown around a lot these days yet I wonder if people know the true definition of what it is to be beautiful.

Beauty is not in the concealer and foundation you apply to your face. It is not the designer brand lipstick that enhances the plumpness of your lips. It is not the 24 inch Brazilian textured extensions that you order from overseas that leave you with hair reminiscent of your favorite celebrity. It is not the miraculous bra that has given way to your cleavage that is easily noticed in your v-neck shirt. It is not the “Valencia” filter you use to brighten up your #selfie that will now appear on Instagram. (Hashtag no filter).

Let me tell you what beauty is ..

Beauty is in your walk. It’s in the warmth of your words. It’s the passion that lies behind your eyes. It’s the depth and width of your heart. Beauty is in the way you LOVE. Beauty are those intangibles that you possess. It’s long-lasting, endless, smudge-proof and water-resistant. It’s something you just can’t leave home without. Beauty is radiant, shining it’s light on everything it touches. LOVE is my kind of beauty.❤️

Check out the beauty quote of the day :


The Real Never Dies


But one must know how to be a friend in order to LOVE.

Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with an old college friend of mine. Life has pushed us in different directions over the years but our LOVE for each other has kept us connected. It had been years since we last saw each other. However, we always found a way to catch up like no time had passed. Sharing stories about our LOVE, life, dreams, fears and future.

What I admire about my friend is her ability to see the goodness in me. To see the beauty I possess from within. She shared with me insight on my future, opened me up to spiritual wisdom and made me think about my future. She shared books with me that would enlighten my soul. She encouraged me to take my blog to the next level. She reminded me that everything I’m doing is in preparation for my season of LOVE.

We often take for granted our relationships we have with our girlfriends. The ability to connect, share and fellowship with our friends is truly an act of LOVE. It’s in these relationships we learn how it is to lobe another human being. Our friendships should demonstrate encouragement, praise, highlighting our strengths and challenging our weaknesses.

Friendship is consistent, uplifting and powerful. How can we say we know what love is if we don’t know what it is to be a friend? When friendship is rooted in a strong foundation, LOVE could never fade.

In my meet up with my friend I learned of her upcoming departure to Africa. As she talked about her new adventure, I watched her eyes light up, smiling from ear. While it was hard to sit with the fact she may or may not ever come back to the U.S., I know her journey to Africa was essential to her growth as a woman.

LOVE is about supporting a movement even if that means having to put physical distance between you and that person. This time in our lives is about branding who we are and seizing every moment.

As I said my hugged my friend tight and wished her well I wasn’t filled with grief but more with joy for the next chapter in her life. Because real LOVE and real friends never die, so we would never have to say goodbye. ❤️

Real Love with Tony Gaskins, Jr.


This weekend I had the opportunity to be in the company of Tony Gaskins, Jr. He is the relationship and life coach to many that’s been made a social media star. He is also an author of the best selling books, “Mrs. Right” and “Single is Not a Curse” to name a few. His quotes can be often seen reposted on Instagram and Facebook. His messages usually are themed around life, empowerment, relationships and LOVE. In an effort to spread his message on real love, he has been touring cities nationwide. This past friday, he blessed NYC with his presence.

There was so much I took away from this man. What I really enjoyed about hearing him speak was his ability to be real, transparent, vulnerable and honest. He shared his very personal account on his journey to love and how his mistakes and misfortunes almost costed him his family. He made me laugh, think and cry. In our period of “singlehood”, he encouraged us women to focus on the 3 B’s : Brain, Brand and Body. He stressed that everyone needs their “dot com”. We need something that belongs to us. We need to focus on making our bodies better. We need to take control of what we are putting into our system because we are a product of what we consume. Our mentality should always be that I positive thoughts. Anything that doesn’t reflect that should be terminated. He let us know that we are the CEO of our lives: we have a responsibility to promote, hire and demote people from our being.

Sure we’ve all heard these things before but it resonated a little different for me hearing this from a male’s perspective. It was as if he was rooting for us all women, making us all feel apart of his life for that moment. We all connected and bonded with our hearts focused on one thing: LOVE.

A lesson this taught me is that our words are very powerful. What we say, how we say it carries a great deal of weight. It can uplift us or it can destroy us. The words we echo should be a soundtrack to our life. It shows others how we want to live and how we should be treated.

Below are some quotes that stood out during the “Real Love”seminar with Tony Gaskins:
“We attract what we are, not what we want.”
“If you ever had to wonder if a guy likes you, he doesn’t”.
“Lust runs out, real love never leaves.”
“You gotta heal before you deal.”

Hope this inspires you like it inspired me! ❤️

1 Month and 1 Day Later

It might seem small, but this blogging adventure means everything.

31 days later and my blog has received over 600 views. What started out as an idea from my friend turned out to be my own virtual diary. When you get up the courage to share with strangers your fears, hopes, letdowns and dreams it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a great thing when people can feel you through your words. Having followers on my blog is more humbling than having followers on any form of social media to date.

Thank you for taking the time out to tap on my post, read and be inspired. I’m just trying to showcase how much LOVE really means to me and do it in a way where it’s insightful, eye-opening and meaningful.

Here’s to LOVE: the highs, lows and everything in between. Continue to ride with me on my journey. ❤️

Let Me Serve You A Slice of Humble Pie


To all the eligible bachelors in the world, I need to tell y’all something. You have to bring more than just your resume to the table. I meet men all the time who are quick to show off what they have. Whether it’s their shirtless chiseled bodies in a series of selfies or their newly washed car with their rims shining.

Real women don’t care about any of that.

How about you show me something that can’t be taken with a selfie? How about you dig a little deeper? Stop swimming in the shallow end of the pool. I’m talking about the men who get your attention with a good line and then lose it after the second sentence. Real women want to be enlightened, engaged and enthralled.

What’s missing from today’s man?: HUMILITY. You know that thing that keeps you centered and grounded no matter how successful you become. Humility comes from within. It’s a way of showing who you are without having to use words. If men would dive more into their humble box, we can get a more humanistic scope of who they really are.

Please keep in mind men that LOVE doesn’t brag, boast or become prideful. But LOVE is open, honest, transparent and most importantly HUMBLE. ❤️