Get High Off LOVE


When I saw the image of my friends engagement ring come through my phone I almost lost it. My heart immediately was filled with so much LOVE and excitement. I thought to myself, ” Wow, my friend is soon to be a married a woman!”.

It may seem like not such a big deal to many but to actually see your life move to the next level with your partner is truly significant. It’s the day we all wait for as women. The day our mate has decided that you are the only woman he wants to spend his life with. He has professed it to your family, friends and more importantly to God.

There’s something special about seeing your once boyfriend as now your fiancé. As I watch my friend profess her love for her now fiancé, flashing her flawless cut diamond (talk about bling bling!💎💍💎) ring through social media, my heart smiled for my friend who will be embarking on a new chapter. For the last 5 years they have faced life’s roughest tides. They stayed armored in the battlefield of LOVE guarding and protecting what’s theirs. No matter how many doubted their union or tried to pull them apart, they proved to be a force not to be reckoned with.

What has this taught me about LOVE?LOVE is not about standing still but it’s more about progression. LOVE takes you higher than any plane or jet could ever take you. LOVE is elevation. LOVE is fortified. LOVE is infinite. LOVE is forever. ❤️

7 thoughts on “Get High Off LOVE

    • MoonChild19 says:

      Yassss me too boo!!! I’m so freaking happy for her! I shared this post with her and she cried..❤️ Love is def progressive!! 🙌🙌


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