You Got That Vibe

I couldn’t let the day go without talking about my night..When was the last time you had a good vibe with someone? I mean like that immediate connection?

We both agreed to meet at a local spot closer to my work neighborhood. “I’m the one with the yellow top.” I texted him. So many thoughts ran through my head: “Does he really look like the person in his photos? “What if he’s a creep?” “Oh God, I must think of an exit strategy to get out of this one.” I decided to take a chance and rejoin the internet dating world. So apparently this man was categorized as my “Top Prospect”. But what does the internet know about my LOVE? But then what if they do?

We get to the designated meetup spot and everything just flowed from there. Like water, continuous, free flowing, with the perfect movement. I
He requested I have whatever I wanted off the menu. We decided to excite our palettes with spicy baby back ribs complimented with lobster mac’ and cheese. We were delighted to share the same interests in food so finding something to eat wasn’t a problem. I was more interested in what he had to say. Did he have a brain? Could he articulate himself? Is he only into himself or would he like to share his world with another woman?

We laughed, made eye contact and smiled throughout our date. The date was going good. He said, “You ready to go home yet?” “No, I’m still down for something else.” He stated he had the perfect thing to close out the night. I was pretty amped for what he had next. He was medium built, 5’9″, chocolate complexion with big dimples. I didn’t mind being in his company for a little longer . He was something good to look at.

We arrived at the next spot which happened to be a cigar bar. It was real small and cozy. He helped me pick out my cigar of choice . We both agreed on the same flavor: Amaretto. We found a spot to enjoy our Amaretto flavored cigars. We slid right into some leather seats in the corner of the bar and enjoyed our cigars.
Our area was filled with the sweet and spicy aroma of the cigars. Our conversation filled the room as we inhaled our desires, beliefs and views on life and exhaled our fears. It was one of those nights I never wanted to come to an end. As the cigar came to an end, so did my date.

We exchanged good byes and made plans to meet next week. It made me happy to know we would reunite again. He had a good vibe that couldn’t be denied.❤️

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