Thinking About You

I know it’s late but I’m up thinking about you. Thinking about the way you hold me and reassure me that everything will be ok. I’m thinking about the way you wipe my tears and my fears away. Thinking about the way you give me courage to make it through another day. Thinking about the way you say my name. You make me smile in ways no one else can. Being around you gives me butterflies like the first day we met. You make me feel protected, you lead me in a good direction while giving me undivided attention. You’re irreplaceable, you’re incredible, you’re so beautiful. I’m thinking about the day we meet again. I’m thinking about LOVE. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Thinking About You

  1. Girlllll I’m thinking about love over her in tears. How can one be so connected to a person and then over night things change. Literally over night. Do you believe in Soul Mates and soul ties?! I don’t even really know if I can distinguish the difference. All I know is that “Love” consumes me still. I miss that connection.


    • MoonChild19 says:

      Girl me and you both!!! Love has a way of taking over your existence… And yes I do believe in soul ties as well as soul mates.. I think establishing a deepened connection beyond the physical is the example of a soul mate.. Love is def a risk taker but I’m always ready for the ride!😘😘


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