Can I Talk To You?

Stimulating conversation: I LOVE that sh*t.

In my pursuit to LOVE, I’ve come
to realize there’s a key element missing in today’s society: conversation. No I’m not talking about texting. Where everything is abbreviated and the message loses value. That form of communication that’s passive, premeditated and boring. I’m referring to the art of two people exchanging in verbal communication. Picking up the phone, dialing the number and waiting to hear her voice on the other end is sexy.

Can I fall in LOVE with your voice, the way you pronounce your words? Can I fall in LOVE with your laugh and not the texting acronym, “LOL”? Can I fall in LOVE with the bass in your voice? Hear the way your voice changes when I get on your nerves? I want to communicate with you. I want you to use your words to express to me how you feel.

I wanna hear that raw emotion. I wanna hear you at your highs, and hear you at your lows. The way you fumble at your words trying to find the best way to get your point across. I wanna fall in LOVE with the way you say my name. Let’s get lost in verbal translation.❤️

Flashback Friday goes to Jodeci’s “Can I talk to You?;_ylt=AwrB8pvLdxNUcQMA12SJzbkF?p=jodeci+can+i+talk+to+you&fr=iphone&fr2=piv-image&stype=web&

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