Let It Shine Like The Sun


A new day brings new experiences, a new outlook and another opportunity to LOVE.

As the sky opens up, it reveals a new chapter, a new direction and a new journey. The sun rises, and shines it’s light on everything in sight. What was once dark, is now made visible. It’s gives us clarity. The sun makes us smile, it forces us to get outside and bask in it’s energy. The sun’s purpose is for enjoyment.

I like to think that my heart is much like the sun. It’s inviting, welcoming, full and radiant. It’s intensity is felt, it’s warmth can cover the coldest spirit. My heart inspires. Encouraging others to love unconditionally. It doesn’t think about competing with others, instead it unites and mends the broken of other hearts.

So be sure to LOVE in this way.. Let it occupy the most vacant spaces in your life. Let your heart be like the sun: “Let LOVE live, Let LOVE shine and Let LOVE come alive.” ❤️

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