Get Seasoned In Your Season


I’m getting older. I feel stagnant. I’m standing still. I’m trying to move forward but there’s a force that won’t let me. I’m ready to delve into a relationship. I’m ready to connect, build and develop. I want to be consumed by it. He’s suppose to me LOVE on me while I LOVE on him. But I don’t see him, he can’t find me. I’m trying too move forward but I’m standing still. I have been put in this place to become seasoned.

There are some key elements that I am missing when it comes to this LOVE thing. Maybe it’s my reaction to things that are unexpected, my ability to sometimes listen to reason, to be understanding and sympathetic even. So God has decided to have me get “Seasoned In My Season.”

We never know how long it will last but there are valuable lessons to be learned. We must remain patient and steadfast in our season. This is my time to build stronger bonds with my parents, family members and my friends. This is my time to cultivate my career and move higher in my relationship with Christ. This is my time to say goodbye to friendships that no longer serve a purpose in my life. This is my season to make more mistakes and gain more experiences. This is my time to get knocked down so I can stand tall.

When your seasoned well, you become more flavorful and appetizing. Your juices are overflowing creating an aroma that is hard to ignore. It seeps into your being: exciting you and others around you. So immerse yourself in your season, for it’s preparation for your season of LOVE.❤️

2 thoughts on “Get Seasoned In Your Season

    • MoonChild19 says:

      Awwww yasss! I knew you could relate! That’s why I wanted you to read it!! Thank you love!!! ☺️☺️☺️ I will!!😬😬😬😘😘


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