Let Me Serve You A Slice of Humble Pie


To all the eligible bachelors in the world, I need to tell y’all something. You have to bring more than just your resume to the table. I meet men all the time who are quick to show off what they have. Whether it’s their shirtless chiseled bodies in a series of selfies or their newly washed car with their rims shining.

Real women don’t care about any of that.

How about you show me something that can’t be taken with a selfie? How about you dig a little deeper? Stop swimming in the shallow end of the pool. I’m talking about the men who get your attention with a good line and then lose it after the second sentence. Real women want to be enlightened, engaged and enthralled.

What’s missing from today’s man?: HUMILITY. You know that thing that keeps you centered and grounded no matter how successful you become. Humility comes from within. It’s a way of showing who you are without having to use words. If men would dive more into their humble box, we can get a more humanistic scope of who they really are.

Please keep in mind men that LOVE doesn’t brag, boast or become prideful. But LOVE is open, honest, transparent and most importantly HUMBLE. ❤️

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