Real Love with Tony Gaskins, Jr.


This weekend I had the opportunity to be in the company of Tony Gaskins, Jr. He is the relationship and life coach to many that’s been made a social media star. He is also an author of the best selling books, “Mrs. Right” and “Single is Not a Curse” to name a few. His quotes can be often seen reposted on Instagram and Facebook. His messages usually are themed around life, empowerment, relationships and LOVE. In an effort to spread his message on real love, he has been touring cities nationwide. This past friday, he blessed NYC with his presence.

There was so much I took away from this man. What I really enjoyed about hearing him speak was his ability to be real, transparent, vulnerable and honest. He shared his very personal account on his journey to love and how his mistakes and misfortunes almost costed him his family. He made me laugh, think and cry. In our period of “singlehood”, he encouraged us women to focus on the 3 B’s : Brain, Brand and Body. He stressed that everyone needs their “dot com”. We need something that belongs to us. We need to focus on making our bodies better. We need to take control of what we are putting into our system because we are a product of what we consume. Our mentality should always be that I positive thoughts. Anything that doesn’t reflect that should be terminated. He let us know that we are the CEO of our lives: we have a responsibility to promote, hire and demote people from our being.

Sure we’ve all heard these things before but it resonated a little different for me hearing this from a male’s perspective. It was as if he was rooting for us all women, making us all feel apart of his life for that moment. We all connected and bonded with our hearts focused on one thing: LOVE.

A lesson this taught me is that our words are very powerful. What we say, how we say it carries a great deal of weight. It can uplift us or it can destroy us. The words we echo should be a soundtrack to our life. It shows others how we want to live and how we should be treated.

Below are some quotes that stood out during the “Real Love”seminar with Tony Gaskins:
“We attract what we are, not what we want.”
“If you ever had to wonder if a guy likes you, he doesn’t”.
“Lust runs out, real love never leaves.”
“You gotta heal before you deal.”

Hope this inspires you like it inspired me! ❤️

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