The Real Never Dies


But one must know how to be a friend in order to LOVE.

Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with an old college friend of mine. Life has pushed us in different directions over the years but our LOVE for each other has kept us connected. It had been years since we last saw each other. However, we always found a way to catch up like no time had passed. Sharing stories about our LOVE, life, dreams, fears and future.

What I admire about my friend is her ability to see the goodness in me. To see the beauty I possess from within. She shared with me insight on my future, opened me up to spiritual wisdom and made me think about my future. She shared books with me that would enlighten my soul. She encouraged me to take my blog to the next level. She reminded me that everything I’m doing is in preparation for my season of LOVE.

We often take for granted our relationships we have with our girlfriends. The ability to connect, share and fellowship with our friends is truly an act of LOVE. It’s in these relationships we learn how it is to lobe another human being. Our friendships should demonstrate encouragement, praise, highlighting our strengths and challenging our weaknesses.

Friendship is consistent, uplifting and powerful. How can we say we know what love is if we don’t know what it is to be a friend? When friendship is rooted in a strong foundation, LOVE could never fade.

In my meet up with my friend I learned of her upcoming departure to Africa. As she talked about her new adventure, I watched her eyes light up, smiling from ear. While it was hard to sit with the fact she may or may not ever come back to the U.S., I know her journey to Africa was essential to her growth as a woman.

LOVE is about supporting a movement even if that means having to put physical distance between you and that person. This time in our lives is about branding who we are and seizing every moment.

As I said my hugged my friend tight and wished her well I wasn’t filled with grief but more with joy for the next chapter in her life. Because real LOVE and real friends never die, so we would never have to say goodbye. ❤️

6 thoughts on “The Real Never Dies

  1. Geri A-Major says:

    ” Friends are so special because they are like family that you get to pick”. I LOVE my friends because the bond is full of love and laughs !! (Nothing is better than that) #FACT

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