Get Seasoned In Your Season


I’m getting older. I feel stagnant. I’m standing still. I’m trying to move forward but there’s a force that won’t let me. I’m ready to delve into a relationship. I’m ready to connect, build and develop. I want to be consumed by it. He’s suppose to me LOVE on me while I LOVE on him. But I don’t see him, he can’t find me. I’m trying too move forward but I’m standing still. I have been put in this place to become seasoned.

There are some key elements that I am missing when it comes to this LOVE thing. Maybe it’s my reaction to things that are unexpected, my ability to sometimes listen to reason, to be understanding and sympathetic even. So God has decided to have me get “Seasoned In My Season.”

We never know how long it will last but there are valuable lessons to be learned. We must remain patient and steadfast in our season. This is my time to build stronger bonds with my parents, family members and my friends. This is my time to cultivate my career and move higher in my relationship with Christ. This is my time to say goodbye to friendships that no longer serve a purpose in my life. This is my season to make more mistakes and gain more experiences. This is my time to get knocked down so I can stand tall.

When your seasoned well, you become more flavorful and appetizing. Your juices are overflowing creating an aroma that is hard to ignore. It seeps into your being: exciting you and others around you. So immerse yourself in your season, for it’s preparation for your season of LOVE.❤️

Let It Shine Like The Sun


A new day brings new experiences, a new outlook and another opportunity to LOVE.

As the sky opens up, it reveals a new chapter, a new direction and a new journey. The sun rises, and shines it’s light on everything in sight. What was once dark, is now made visible. It’s gives us clarity. The sun makes us smile, it forces us to get outside and bask in it’s energy. The sun’s purpose is for enjoyment.

I like to think that my heart is much like the sun. It’s inviting, welcoming, full and radiant. It’s intensity is felt, it’s warmth can cover the coldest spirit. My heart inspires. Encouraging others to love unconditionally. It doesn’t think about competing with others, instead it unites and mends the broken of other hearts.

So be sure to LOVE in this way.. Let it occupy the most vacant spaces in your life. Let your heart be like the sun: “Let LOVE live, Let LOVE shine and Let LOVE come alive.” ❤️

Can I Talk To You?

Stimulating conversation: I LOVE that sh*t.

In my pursuit to LOVE, I’ve come
to realize there’s a key element missing in today’s society: conversation. No I’m not talking about texting. Where everything is abbreviated and the message loses value. That form of communication that’s passive, premeditated and boring. I’m referring to the art of two people exchanging in verbal communication. Picking up the phone, dialing the number and waiting to hear her voice on the other end is sexy.

Can I fall in LOVE with your voice, the way you pronounce your words? Can I fall in LOVE with your laugh and not the texting acronym, “LOL”? Can I fall in LOVE with the bass in your voice? Hear the way your voice changes when I get on your nerves? I want to communicate with you. I want you to use your words to express to me how you feel.

I wanna hear that raw emotion. I wanna hear you at your highs, and hear you at your lows. The way you fumble at your words trying to find the best way to get your point across. I wanna fall in LOVE with the way you say my name. Let’s get lost in verbal translation.❤️

Flashback Friday goes to Jodeci’s “Can I talk to You?;_ylt=AwrB8pvLdxNUcQMA12SJzbkF?p=jodeci+can+i+talk+to+you&fr=iphone&fr2=piv-image&stype=web&


Give me intimacy without being intimate.

I want you to feel me without feeling up on me. I want to be in sync with your heart beat. I want to pick up the rhythm as I lay here on your chest. Let’s talk in the dark as I trace the outline of your lips with my finger. No I’m not looking for a kiss, I’m just intrigued by the words that are coming out of your mouth. I want to fall in LOVE with your mental. Let’s work on building a foundation. I want to take this slow, be gradual and gentle. Let’s build our foundation on friendship. Each brick signifies our commitment to each other. We are in the stages of getting to know each other. Learning one another. Becoming comfortable with each other. Letting our flow lead us to LOVE. ❤️

To Never Be Continued

All I have left are the perfumes, cards and an oversized stuff teddy bear. You left me with conversations about our future, goals and how you never met a woman like me in a long time. We spent time creating dates that were not like the usual. Pizza making and paint night dates is what we looked forward to. We promised to chronicle every date by taking selfies and which quickly filled our camera roll.

I was so sure this time around. We were in sync. We had that scorpio and cancer connection. Shared the same values on family, life and most importantly LOVE.
Who knew my 30th birthday would be the last time we would ever speak? You reassured me that we would pick up where we left off as soon as you were finished with nursing school. August 6th, 2014 was going to be our beginning but they way God would have it, it turned out to be our ending.

I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to be angry, I want to be alone. This wasn’t suppose to happen to me. I mean, I told my family and even my closet friends about you.

Now, I’m left feeling exposed, embarrassed and ashamed. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about LOVE. I thought you knew too. ❤️

Thinking About You

I know it’s late but I’m up thinking about you. Thinking about the way you hold me and reassure me that everything will be ok. I’m thinking about the way you wipe my tears and my fears away. Thinking about the way you give me courage to make it through another day. Thinking about the way you say my name. You make me smile in ways no one else can. Being around you gives me butterflies like the first day we met. You make me feel protected, you lead me in a good direction while giving me undivided attention. You’re irreplaceable, you’re incredible, you’re so beautiful. I’m thinking about the day we meet again. I’m thinking about LOVE. ❤️

Courting 101


My most recent date has led me to believe that chilvary has become or is becoming extinct.

We arrived at a very low lit bar in the West Village with instrumental music playing softly in the background. There was nothing really on the menu to order in terms of appetizers or entrees so I decided to get a glass of Riesling. My online match went for a Mexican beer. After the week I had, a good wine and nice conversation was in order. My online match and I decided to exchange in further conversation since the “vibe” I got from him on our previous date left me wanting more. I soon realized that my thoughts of anything more would diminish after this night.

After finishing our drinks we decided to wrap up this night as I was becoming completely fatigued. He asked for the bill and placed his debit card on top. My head rested gently on the table as I was waiting for the cue for us to head out. Moments after paying for the bill he asked me for 3 dollars. I jumped up immediately and whatever sleep I once felt vanished. I didn’t know what to say. I thought to myself, “How do you ask your date for any money that you don’t have of your own?” “Isn’t this the courting stage?” Well apparently not. He seemed to not have any remorse about asking me for the money. This prompted my interest to ask him his views on courting. “I mean it’s 2014, what’s wrong with a woman showing interest in a guy?” “We can go Dutch on things?” Look I work really hard for my money”..

I couldn’t stand to hear this banter any longer. I inserted my opinion and stated, “When you express interest in a woman, you put in effort”. “You go after her, chase her, wine and dine her”. Why? Because she’s the best thing you’ve come across in a long time. You don’t drag your feet, you take initiative. There’s value in showing your lady of interest a good time. You never make her pull out her wallet. Not ONCE.
What has gone wrong in today’s dating world is that women are taking the lead. They are absolving men of their courting privileges. By suggesting a man goes Dutch with them or making forth the effort to pay for the bill. Ladles, stop it. Because a “real” man won’t think twice about taking your money. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe when I have established a relationship with a man, there’s no harm in me helping out here and there. But it won’t become a habit.

The last time I checked a man is suppose to: Provide, Protect and Profess. If he can’t do that he doesn’t deserve the right to be MY MAN.

As my online match and I walked to my car we exchanged handshakes. I wished him well on his future endeavors and told him to step his courting game up. Another potential scratched off my LOVE list. “If you want to LOVE me, you better know how to court me”. ❤️