Your Presence Is A Present


Don’t be afraid to cut that “thing”off.

We hold on to the hope that things will change but it won’t. We hope that he will put in more effort but they won’t. We hope he will take the time out to show you a good time, wine and dine you but he won’t. We hope that he will call you instead of texting you which is often delayed until hours later but he won’t.

When will you realize that your presence is a present?

Each time you exchange a greeting, a word, or a call your taking time to do so. If you see the same energy and time not being reciprocated, chances are he is not that into you. Stop what you’re doing, reserve your energy, save your time and move on.

Often times we burn ourselves out pouring into a situation that clearly is a dead. We get so knee deep in a situation that we become unaware that we are giving people the right to drain our batteries of life. What we offer, who we are, our physical being and our emotional comfort are all blessings.

We need to filter out the people in our lives who deserve it and who does not. We need to keep our batteries of LOVE, positivity, goodness and compassion charged up for the right people. When your presence is a present, you will only choose wisely as who to opens up your gift. ❤️

Before I Let You Go

Relax. Relate. Release. Make a conscious effort to unwind, turn the lights off and take in the darkness around you. Be in your zone . Reflect on the day. Write your “things to do list”. Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Give praises to the man upstairs for another opportunity at life, liberty and most importantly : LOVE. ❤️

I Made My Woman Smile Today

Here’s for the little things and the joy they bring..❤️


I noticed that maybe just maybe I am being a little too hard on the men out there.  So this post is for the men and the positive things they do for the women in their lives.  It’s not really about going above and beyond but the simple things that make her smile.   As always the participants remain anonymous, only their ages will be disclosed.  Here is a list of the things they did today just to put that beautiful smile on their partners

  • I gave her a surprise visit at her workplace with a bunch or roses. 23
  • I bought her jewelry. 22
  • I bought her a new phone Samsung Galaxy 4 just because she was being a good wife and mother to my children. 32 
  • I sent a voice note reciting a poem and she loved it. 22
  • I kissed my wife goodbye on the cheek before I…

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Make Love To Your Craft

When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


Nurturing my career has become one of my main goals. It’s important to give it the same energy you would give your love life. Your career is your gateway into this competitive and ever-changing world. There must be something unique, special and captivating about you.

Ask yourself the following:
What is that thing that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life? What gets you going in the morning ? What fills your soul with purpose ? What is your passion?
How are you growing in your profession?

Even on your days off you should be finding ways to brand yourself. Tighten up your craft. Network and read up on the latest trends in your career. Everyday, finds ways to be better, bolder and brighter! Surround yourself with people who are apart of your profession. For there is where the growth, power and LOVE comes from. Be in LOVE with what you do and others will LOVE what you do too. ❤️


Be Still

Sometimes you need: Silence. Stillness. & Solitude.

I consider my “me” time a gift. In times when I think I’m close to being in a relationship, the Lord finds a way to pull me back. As if he is telling me, “Please, be Still”. Entering this new chapter of adulthood has made me realize how much I enjoy my own company. It feels good to retreat and reflect on life. A lot of women consider this “stillness” period as torture, or a waste. For me, I am able to hone in more on my goals and create realistic deadlines to meet them. I can bring the ideas on my vision board to reality. I feel a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. I am confident walking in my stillness.

For I know, the Lord will lead me when it’s my time to make a move on love.❤️

900 and Counting

Before the clock strikes 12, I wanna thank everyone for taking the time out to view my blog. Today’s marks month 2! To have over 900 views thus far is super awesome! I really find blogging as a place of comfort, solace and refuge. Thank you for continuing to follow my words, my journey and most importantly: my LOVE.❤️