Driver’s Seat


Don’t ignore the signs. The roadblocks. The caution tape. We know in our heart when something just isn’t for us. We can feel it.. Ladies we refer to this as our “intuition“. It’s that inner being talking to us. Showing us that we deserve more. Trying to remove us from our current situation. But we keep going back for more. The passion, sex and LOVE are our magnetic forces. The intimate moments shared keeps us secure.

But we know this relationship is at a stand still. When asked if we are exclusive, he hesitates, unsure of this answer he tells you to, “Be patient”,”Just chill”, “We gonna get there” but we never do. The months turn into years and still you haven’t evolved, graduated or progressed. That’s what relationships are all about: Growth. But how can we expect to evolve with a man who doesn’t even consider us his woman?

Ladies, a man that is into you wants to take your relationship to another level. If you have to question the place you’re in, you should find the nearest exit. Do yourself a favor, grab the keys to self worth and gain control over your happiness. Never leave the key to LOVE in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to drive. ❤️

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