The “Friend” In My Boyfriend


As I continue to assess what’s important in a partner, I realize being a friend is what matters. To see your partner as one who you can reason with, relate to and reflect with is truly inspiring.

He doesn’t see you as someone he gets physical with but as an individual who he can be emotionally intimate with. He sees you as his equal. One who speaks a language only understood between the two. You and your partner are intertwined in your goals while motivating each other to pursue y’all dreams. You are aware of his attitudes and views on issues that matter. You are keen to his reaction when he is in distress. You know what lifts him up and what brings him down. You have taken the time to get to know this person who completes you and who you can LOVE forever.

We get so caught up in the title of having a man we don’t even know who the man really is. Take this opportunity to get to know your “friend” before making him your boyfriend.❤️

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