Your Presence Is A Present


Don’t be afraid to cut that “thing”off.

We hold on to the hope that things will change but it won’t. We hope that he will put in more effort but they won’t. We hope he will take the time out to show you a good time, wine and dine you but he won’t. We hope that he will call you instead of texting you which is often delayed until hours later but he won’t.

When will you realize that your presence is a present?

Each time you exchange a greeting, a word, or a call your taking time to do so. If you see the same energy and time not being reciprocated, chances are he is not that into you. Stop what you’re doing, reserve your energy, save your time and move on.

Often times we burn ourselves out pouring into a situation that clearly is a dead. We get so knee deep in a situation that we become unaware that we are giving people the right to drain our batteries of life. What we offer, who we are, our physical being and our emotional comfort are all blessings.

We need to filter out the people in our lives who deserve it and who does not. We need to keep our batteries of LOVE, positivity, goodness and compassion charged up for the right people. When your presence is a present, you will only choose wisely as who to opens up your gift. ❤️

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