The “Friend” In My Boyfriend


As I continue to assess what’s important in a partner, I realize being a friend is what matters. To see your partner as one who you can reason with, relate to and reflect with is truly inspiring.

He doesn’t see you as someone he gets physical with but as an individual who he can be emotionally intimate with. He sees you as his equal. One who speaks a language only understood between the two. You and your partner are intertwined in your goals while motivating each other to pursue y’all dreams. You are aware of his attitudes and views on issues that matter. You are keen to his reaction when he is in distress. You know what lifts him up and what brings him down. You have taken the time to get to know this person who completes you and who you can LOVE forever.

We get so caught up in the title of having a man we don’t even know who the man really is. Take this opportunity to get to know your “friend” before making him your boyfriend.❤️

Frequent Flyer Love


Travel. Explore. Make love to the world.

Wake up to the sun shining on your face. Be filled with the sounds of the ocean. Take in the sounds of the accents spoken by the natives. We often spend most of our time waking up in the same city and same state. We need to step out the comfort of our time zones and into foreign territory.

How can we expect to connect, LOVE and grow if we don’t have an appreciation for other cultures? It is imperative that we experience how other people live and what makes them unique.

Traveling renews our spirit, feeds our soul and clears your mind. Do yourself a favor: pick a country, book a ticket and make LOVE to the world. 🌏❤️

Love Is..

Found another meaning to add to my overflowing definition of LOVE: Acceptance.

When the butterflies stop fluttering in your stomach and their physique is not as toned and chiseled like you remember, there comes the acceptance. You have decided to invest your efforts into this person because they offer you something that money can’t buy. This person has been exposed to the not so flattering parts of you and has decided to stay. You have uncovered the ugly and still find your partner to be the most beautiful. It takes time to get this level of LOVE.

Acceptance is the agreement that you have made to work at your relationship no matter what comes your way. There’s no time out, walking away or giving up. This kind of LOVE is one branded on commitment, resiliency and tenacity. To accept me is to LOVE me.❤️

Driver’s Seat


Don’t ignore the signs. The roadblocks. The caution tape. We know in our heart when something just isn’t for us. We can feel it.. Ladies we refer to this as our “intuition“. It’s that inner being talking to us. Showing us that we deserve more. Trying to remove us from our current situation. But we keep going back for more. The passion, sex and LOVE are our magnetic forces. The intimate moments shared keeps us secure.

But we know this relationship is at a stand still. When asked if we are exclusive, he hesitates, unsure of this answer he tells you to, “Be patient”,”Just chill”, “We gonna get there” but we never do. The months turn into years and still you haven’t evolved, graduated or progressed. That’s what relationships are all about: Growth. But how can we expect to evolve with a man who doesn’t even consider us his woman?

Ladies, a man that is into you wants to take your relationship to another level. If you have to question the place you’re in, you should find the nearest exit. Do yourself a favor, grab the keys to self worth and gain control over your happiness. Never leave the key to LOVE in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to drive. ❤️

Open My Soul – SM

Super Soul Sunday.. This piece is everything and more..❤️

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by keigre.

His lips touched mine and I felt as if I was about to explode. Every emotion that I could feel surged through my body at the same time. It was as if it was the first time and yet it was oh so familiar.  I was confused because fireworks were going off and yet tears streamed down my face. This experience was awkward and amazing if that’s even possible.  All I knew is that the way I felt in that very moment was what I’d waited for my entire life.

Our worlds are so very different, yet there was a pull a bond that brought us together. In the last few years we’d both learned to know hurt, pain and love lost way too well. True love and affection is what we both desired and although hurt seemed to reside in our world, we both believed that love could…

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Soul Ties

You will never have to question what’s for you. You’ll never have to think twice about your soulmate. He will be waiting for you. His arms outstretched, his heart open wide, waiting to be engulfed by yours. Your souls will unite creating an everlasting bond. A bond so strong sealed with God’s LOVE. He will make you realize why it never worked with anyone else. He will never let you go and he will profess it to the world. There will come a day he will kneel down before you asking you to spend the rest of your life with him. Be patient. Trust God. Your soulmate is near.❤️