Always Guilty, Never Innocent


It’s hard for people to find the LOVE when we live in such a hateful place. It’s hard for people to find the light when this society reminds us of the darkness that is around us. It’s hard for people to find peace when our actions are aggressive and reckless leading to senseless killings.

I wonder how many young men of color will have to be buried for America to wake up. Why are we making it so so difficult for our young men to be successful? Do we not want black doctors, lawyers, business men, chefs, etc? I am not one to pull the race card but it has become so hard not to think that “color” is not an issue.


On my way to work I had a chance to listen to audio of Mike Brown’s mother wailing and screaming about things being unfair and that the country doesn’t care. You can just hear the pain, the despair in her voice and immediately my heart dropped.

As an educator, I worry for all my male students. The young men who sit in their classrooms learning, moving to the next grade looking forward to their graduation day. But will they ever get a chance to cross that stage ? To live out their dreams? Will their lives be cut short because of a dispute with a cop as he questions him about his attire or what he has in his pocket? Will the cops be intimidated by their presence and be accused of looking suspicions? Will it cause the cop to pull out his gun, aim and pump his body full of bullets? Leaving him lifeless on the cold concrete floor. Will he think before he shoots?


I want to see my young men of color make it out of their neighborhoods. I hope that their lives will have a chance. I hope their existence one day will matter. ❤️

Piña Colada Cotton Candy

I had a very surprising Saturday night. I had another date with the “college dude” and it was great. We went to the Brooklyn Bazaar.

This place was filled with vintage vendor shops, vintage video arcade games and interesting kinds of food. People of all shades filled the space and I was glad to be apart of it. We came across a vendor who was selling Piña Colada Cotton Candy and I was immediately sold. The taste of Piña Colada melted on my tongue and I savored every piece of the sugary treat. They even had a drive-in movie section where you can sit in a car and enjoy the movie. There was so many interesting parts that made up this Bazzar.

I felt like we were in a world of our own. We made our way to a food bar which was dimly lit, aligned with red lighting and the sounds of Bob Marley playing in the background. We talked, laughed and drank beer as I got to learn more about the “college dude”. His eclectic ideas and new insight revealed more about him and I found myself intrigued by him. He had the ability to expose me to a place I’ve never been and I enjoyed every minute.

I ended the night with a kiss sealing the deal of another great night out. I patiently anticipate future dates with this guy. ❤️

Who You With?


Surround yourself with the people who are smarter than you.

I think we get so caught up in hanging out with people who are on on our level but we need to start aiming higher. Let’s start connecting with people beyond our reach. The people who have set goals for themselves and who actually bring their ideas to light. The people who are consistent with their message, who live out their truths and whose passion speaks louder than any words ever said.

Surround yourself with the people who grind after 5pm. Who give up their beauty sleep to come up with plans on how to dominate this world. Be with the people who move like a chess game. Killing their opponents, conquering, moving strategic and never showing an ounce of fear.


I’ve realized although it’s great to have your team behind you, it’s also vital for you to make new friends. There’s nothing wrong with adding new players to your team. How else do we expect to grow, expand, develop and produce?

We should treat our minds like a muscle. We should only be with those who strengthen, fortify and build our minds. We need to be around those who provide us with the appropriate nutrients to be better people in this ever changing and fast moving society. Be with those who feed your soul and keep you on the path of success. ❤️

“You’re only as strong as your team, choose your players wisely.”



What does it really mean to graduate? To move up, to progress, to excel?

We are expected to have a certain skill set when we move on to the next level in our lives. The experiences, the lessons and the teachings only make for a better you. This experience has graduated me to a higher place in my life. I feel more confident, more focused and zeroing in on more of what I want.

This whole writing experience has brought out another side of me. To look back and reflect on how far I’ve come is truly inspiring.

I have comprised over 40 original pieces of unfiltered and soul revealing segments of me, myself and this thing called LOVE. I have graduated from a place of sadness to a place of acceptance. I have graduated from a place of loss to a place of lessons learned.

So as I ring in my 3 month anniversary of having this blog. I wanna say thank you for watching me take my step across this new stage in my life. I am letting go, looking forward, keeping my eye and my heart on LOVE. ❤️


Feelings Going Up

I can’t begin to put into words the feeling you give me.

It’s captivating, motivating, thirst quenching, soul shaking and never ending.

You have awakened in me what I thought was dead, deserted, and gone. But should I get comfortable? I mean should I start to get familiar with this feeling? You opened me up to a new world that I don’t ever want to come out of. So are you here to stay?

The walls I have built are slowly coming down..

Brick by Brick..

Layer by Layer..

I think I’m ready to make this feeling last forever. It excites me, moves me and has gotten the best of me. I want to thank you for bringing this new light into my life.

Now seal this feeling with one of your warm kisses on this cold Tuesday night so I can go to sleep and quickly wake up to this feeling again. ❤️

Old School Lessons = Precious Jewels

There’s a lot of lessons that can be learned when it comes to LOVE.

Sunday evening I got an opportunity to catch up with my Godmother. I like to consider her a kindred spirit as we both share the same zodiac sign: Cancer♋️💜. You We have the ability to communicate in a way where words don’t need to be exchanged.

As we sat and caught up on old times she told me how proud she was of my progression over the years. Then the question of my life partner and marriage came up. She had that look in her eyes like she was about to give me the “read” for my life.

There’s something to be said about the wisdom and insight older women provide. When I was younger I never took their advice seriously. But in my brief encounter with my Godmother she sensed that I may be coming down a little “too hard” on the male species. Before her departure, she left me with some things to consider:

“You are beautiful, smart and determined.”

“Men are often intimidated by these things so you need to just be softer, no need to be so hard.”

“You control who you let into your life, if you take in trash, you’re going get trash so be careful.”

“Don’t put the man down and talk to him in a negative manner: you want respect, well you have to give it in return.”

“Remember, people will forget the things you say but they will NEVER forget how you make them feel.”

Also, when choosing a man, look out for these 3 things:
How he treats his mother.
If he has no sister(s) how does he talk about the females around him or in his life?

I felt like I was being handed down precious jewels from my Godmother and as a result I vowed to her I would carry them with me on my journey to LOVE.❤️


The 5 Senses


To to touch, to hear, to smell, to see, and to taste..I want to experience you through my 5 senses.

I want to touch your heart. Let me be able to get to the delicate part that’s been scared, bruised, hurt and abused. I wanna touch the vulnerable side of you.

I want to hear of your hopes and desires for the future. I want your voice to send waves throughout out my body as you remind me of how beautiful I am and there’s no one else like me.

I want to take in your scent as it engulfs me and sends me into a trance. I carry it’s unique aroma with me no matter how far or the distance between us.

My eyes have become fascinated by your complete being. Your presence sharpens my vision and gives me clarity. With you by my side I know I’m destined to travel down life’s darkest paths.

How could I ever forget about your taste? Every time our tounges unite the mix of sweet and salty energizes my palette. Your kisses are like drops of sugar going through my bloodstream which sends me on a high I don’t want to come down from.

You Are My 5 Senses of LOVE. ❤️