His Four Letter Word

I’m not gonna lie. I can definitely be a little judgmental. Already writing someone off in my mind. Looking at their appearance and making up my mind as to who they are. Not making time for “certain” kinds of people. Until I realized how much of an ass I was making out of myself. It’s so important to keep an open mind.

For the last week, I have been having conversations with someone from my past and for the first time I’m actually getting a chance to get to know the “real” him. Years ago he was the “funny man on campus”. The man that gets the crowd going, always makes you laugh and had the best moves on the dance floor like no other. In this last week alone I have learned that he’s more than just the comic relief. He’s stable, career driven, considerate, family oriented and has a special meaning on LOVE. Don’t know where this will end up or what this could be but his take on love has lingered in my mind and I feel like it’s worth sharing:

“Love is the willingness to do anything for a person, but without the other person asking or wanting anything from the other person. It includes the emotional and physical attraction. Without one attraction, there is no love. If you’re talking about complete love, this love never leaves you. Even if the Love turns into a friendship, it is there forever.”

Shout out to the men who still can put their LOVE into words!

Open Mind +Open Heart= A Chance at LOVE.❤️

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