November Thoughts


As we wind down and anticipate the close of another year, I can’t help but to think of all the transitions that has happened to me this year. From a new career move, the departure of a friend, the exit of “Him” things have been a whirlwind. But no matter the shifts, moves, twists and turns I’ve managed to remain rooted.

Rooted in myself, values, beliefs and LOVE. I am thankful for where I stand at this moment. I am not easily broken as my roots stand tall affirming all that I am. I have realized that I am in need of much guidance and clarity which I could not have gotten had I been in relationships that served me no purpose. I’m looking for fulfillment and substance. I am not looking for the validation from others to complete my existence, however I’m looking towards the light of The Lord to order my steps. This has been one of my best years thus far.


The turning of 30 has opened up my eyes to what is real what is not. I am making better life, health, financial and love decisions. I am screening who I allow into my space. I am staying away from the “drama” brought on by people who are broken which in turn try to break you in return.

The men who I date have also looked different. If we aren’t speaking the same language from the beginning, we will be lost in translation forever. I am taking the time to harvest my garden, water my garden for that is where my soul and love flows.

I am being drawn to those who express to me I have a “beautiful soul”. I have owned the power of my energy and will decide to only make people feel good and bring positivity to their surroundings. I started my own blog which has had over a 1,000 views since its’ inception almost 3 months ago. I am enjoying my “me”time. I have also set my eyes on traveling the world. In 2015, I have committed to feasting my eyes on different parts of the world. There’s a warmth within me, there’s happiness within me and there’s a lot of LOVE within me. ❤️


4 thoughts on “November Thoughts

  1. makupsy says:

    Well written indeed 🙂
    I think there is something about turning 30 that makes you realise that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I will be 30 in a few months but I still live in denial. LOL
    I am happy to read that you are in a good place in all aspects of your life.
    Keep the positivism, it is good for you soul.

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    • MoonChild19 says:

      Thank you so much!!! Yes, its so important to stay positive in this unpredictable world. You will discover so much about yourself when you turn 30! Its a beautiful thing! lol! Embrace it!

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  2. IVY says:

    As I scroll down to read ur thoughts, November Thoughts really got me in a way where I have been feeling and thinking similar thoughts.Turning 30 is like a turning point in my life.I am wiser.I choose who I want to allow in my life whether its a intimate relationship or a friendship.I am enjoying my moments day by day and letting my inner being match up with positive thoughts and energy…Moonchild19 keep doing what u doing.The blogs are interesting and i can feel the love through your words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MoonChild19 says:

      Thank you sooooo very much for your feedback and taking the time to read my post! Yes! Turning 30 is a transition that brings so many twists and turns but it only makes you a better person!! Please continue to be inspired!


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