Roses On A Tuesday


Sooo tonight was a reminder that chivalry is alive and present..

I had a date with an old college friend and let’s just say I was surprised. As soon as I walked outside he met me half way, greeted me and ushered me to the passenger seat. He opened the door for me and what was waiting in his hand was a bouquet of roses. I smiled from ear to ear at his attempt to make our date special.

Our conversation on the way to the restaurant was filled with laughter as he always had a great sense of humor. His style was unmatched and even the hostess showered him with compliments. His black studded leather jacket was accompanied with a black fitted button down shirt with white polka dots, skinny jeans and some white high-top nike sneakers.

We both ordered Sangrias and Spanish inspired entrees. I felt like he was really into just getting to know me beyond the “college girl on campus”. He expressed being very serious about finding a mate but insisted that he was not going to rush into anything. We were aligned in our goals and dreams for the future. I found myself looking forward to future dates as he talked about his passion for art which is something I never had been exposed to.

He picked up our “to go” containers which we vowed we would take to work tomorrow. Once he got to his car he noticed there was a lot of clutter which would prohibit me from getting into the passenger side. As a true gentlemen, he held my hand and let me into car assuring my safety.

Once we arrived to my house, he walked me to my door and told me how much he enjoyed our night. I held my roses tight and smiled. This Tuesday was definitely one I would never forget.❤️

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