The 5 Senses


To to touch, to hear, to smell, to see, and to taste..I want to experience you through my 5 senses.

I want to touch your heart. Let me be able to get to the delicate part that’s been scared, bruised, hurt and abused. I wanna touch the vulnerable side of you.

I want to hear of your hopes and desires for the future. I want your voice to send waves throughout out my body as you remind me of how beautiful I am and there’s no one else like me.

I want to take in your scent as it engulfs me and sends me into a trance. I carry it’s unique aroma with me no matter how far or the distance between us.

My eyes have become fascinated by your complete being. Your presence sharpens my vision and gives me clarity. With you by my side I know I’m destined to travel down life’s darkest paths.

How could I ever forget about your taste? Every time our tounges unite the mix of sweet and salty energizes my palette. Your kisses are like drops of sugar going through my bloodstream which sends me on a high I don’t want to come down from.

You Are My 5 Senses of LOVE. ❤️

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