Old School Lessons = Precious Jewels

There’s a lot of lessons that can be learned when it comes to LOVE.

Sunday evening I got an opportunity to catch up with my Godmother. I like to consider her a kindred spirit as we both share the same zodiac sign: Cancer♋️💜. You We have the ability to communicate in a way where words don’t need to be exchanged.

As we sat and caught up on old times she told me how proud she was of my progression over the years. Then the question of my life partner and marriage came up. She had that look in her eyes like she was about to give me the “read” for my life.

There’s something to be said about the wisdom and insight older women provide. When I was younger I never took their advice seriously. But in my brief encounter with my Godmother she sensed that I may be coming down a little “too hard” on the male species. Before her departure, she left me with some things to consider:

“You are beautiful, smart and determined.”

“Men are often intimidated by these things so you need to just be softer, no need to be so hard.”

“You control who you let into your life, if you take in trash, you’re going get trash so be careful.”

“Don’t put the man down and talk to him in a negative manner: you want respect, well you have to give it in return.”

“Remember, people will forget the things you say but they will NEVER forget how you make them feel.”

Also, when choosing a man, look out for these 3 things:
How he treats his mother.
If he has no sister(s) how does he talk about the females around him or in his life?

I felt like I was being handed down precious jewels from my Godmother and as a result I vowed to her I would carry them with me on my journey to LOVE.❤️


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