Who You With?


Surround yourself with the people who are smarter than you.

I think we get so caught up in hanging out with people who are on on our level but we need to start aiming higher. Let’s start connecting with people beyond our reach. The people who have set goals for themselves and who actually bring their ideas to light. The people who are consistent with their message, who live out their truths and whose passion speaks louder than any words ever said.

Surround yourself with the people who grind after 5pm. Who give up their beauty sleep to come up with plans on how to dominate this world. Be with the people who move like a chess game. Killing their opponents, conquering, moving strategic and never showing an ounce of fear.


I’ve realized although it’s great to have your team behind you, it’s also vital for you to make new friends. There’s nothing wrong with adding new players to your team. How else do we expect to grow, expand, develop and produce?

We should treat our minds like a muscle. We should only be with those who strengthen, fortify and build our minds. We need to be around those who provide us with the appropriate nutrients to be better people in this ever changing and fast moving society. Be with those who feed your soul and keep you on the path of success. ❤️

“You’re only as strong as your team, choose your players wisely.”

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