Piña Colada Cotton Candy

I had a very surprising Saturday night. I had another date with the “college dude” and it was great. We went to the Brooklyn Bazaar.

This place was filled with vintage vendor shops, vintage video arcade games and interesting kinds of food. People of all shades filled the space and I was glad to be apart of it. We came across a vendor who was selling Piña Colada Cotton Candy and I was immediately sold. The taste of Piña Colada melted on my tongue and I savored every piece of the sugary treat. They even had a drive-in movie section where you can sit in a car and enjoy the movie. There was so many interesting parts that made up this Bazzar.

I felt like we were in a world of our own. We made our way to a food bar which was dimly lit, aligned with red lighting and the sounds of Bob Marley playing in the background. We talked, laughed and drank beer as I got to learn more about the “college dude”. His eclectic ideas and new insight revealed more about him and I found myself intrigued by him. He had the ability to expose me to a place I’ve never been and I enjoyed every minute.

I ended the night with a kiss sealing the deal of another great night out. I patiently anticipate future dates with this guy. ❤️

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