Always Guilty, Never Innocent


It’s hard for people to find the LOVE when we live in such a hateful place. It’s hard for people to find the light when this society reminds us of the darkness that is around us. It’s hard for people to find peace when our actions are aggressive and reckless leading to senseless killings.

I wonder how many young men of color will have to be buried for America to wake up. Why are we making it so so difficult for our young men to be successful? Do we not want black doctors, lawyers, business men, chefs, etc? I am not one to pull the race card but it has become so hard not to think that “color” is not an issue.


On my way to work I had a chance to listen to audio of Mike Brown’s mother wailing and screaming about things being unfair and that the country doesn’t care. You can just hear the pain, the despair in her voice and immediately my heart dropped.

As an educator, I worry for all my male students. The young men who sit in their classrooms learning, moving to the next grade looking forward to their graduation day. But will they ever get a chance to cross that stage ? To live out their dreams? Will their lives be cut short because of a dispute with a cop as he questions him about his attire or what he has in his pocket? Will the cops be intimidated by their presence and be accused of looking suspicions? Will it cause the cop to pull out his gun, aim and pump his body full of bullets? Leaving him lifeless on the cold concrete floor. Will he think before he shoots?


I want to see my young men of color make it out of their neighborhoods. I hope that their lives will have a chance. I hope their existence one day will matter. ❤️

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