Connection, Interrupted


Our interruptions and disruptions in life are never by mistake.

We might want more from a certain “situation” that will never be and no matter what we try to do, we will never be able to change the outcome.

That guy you just met, you know the one who gives you butterflies and fills your heart with bliss? Might be a distant memory tomorrow.

I’ve come to cherish the memories, moments and minutes shared with a person.

I’ve come to cherish the laughter, the smiles and the kisses.

I bathe myself in this feeling, staying in the present, allowing myself to be apart of this for as long as I can.

We are all looking for permanence but right now we must be soothed by the temporary.

Who said temporary was a bad thing? For it’s better to feel than to not feel at all.

Some things in life are meant to shake up your world, have you in a state of confusion, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Take time putting together the pieces of your puzzle.

Keep in mind the following : stay in the present, enjoy the flow, take a chance, be in tuned with the rhythm and be open to the possibility of an interruption. ❤️

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