My Time, My Love


If you knew how valuable your time was, you wouldn’t share it with just anyone.

Yes. Time. The seconds, the minutes, the hours: it all matters. We like to use the phrase, “I have time” but in reality, we really don’t.
The time we spend pouring ourselves into our relationships with friends, family and significant others can truly take a toll on us. It’s an emotional, mental and physical commitment. It requires patience, faith and understanding.

Let’s think about the people in your life who require your time: parents, siblings, relatives, coworkers, etc. Let’s say your sister is going through a “crisis”. Do you sit back and reflect on how many hours you are required to stay on the phone with her, checking in on her daily via text message and going to her apartment trying to console her? Do you find yourself putting in extra time to get her over her period of distress?

Or what about that “special someone” your waiting on to make up their mind about where they wanna take this relationship. It’s been 5 months. How much more “time” are you willing to give before he decides he is just not ready to make you his girlfriend?


Your time exchanges with individuals should be special, sacred and meaningful. Your words uplifting, your heart genuine and your energy magnetic. The things we give time to should grow and blossom like beautiful flowers in an endless garden.

Be mindful of who you spend your time with and who benefits from your time. Consider your time like your LOVE: a terrible thing to waste. ❤️


5 thoughts on “My Time, My Love

  1. the timing of this (no pun intended) is so interesting because i was doing my usual web surfing earlier today and came across this quote: “it is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.” -seneca

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