All I Want For Christmas

I came across a list of items that resonated with me. It reminded me of all the things I want for Christmas.

Be Present


What does that really mean? To be and stay in the moment. Stop yourself from thinking of the next step. Be in tuned to what is going on around you. Take in the world, the people are you. Take in the energy. allow it to flow through you. Stop allowing the memories of your past to bombard your present state. You will miss out on life’s best moment. Practice the habit of being present.

Realize Gifts


No I’m not referring to the tangible gifts. The gifts that come from within. The gifts that are felt when you enter the room. Work on sharing your special talents with the world. You were made to leave your mark in this world. Your gifts were meant to be unwrapped and shared with the people in this world.

Send Peace


How do we send peace? It is our mere presence that brings peace. Allow The Lord to move through you and wash away any chaos, negative and hostile feelings that bombard your mind and taint your soul. Being at peace is finding a way to become one with yourself. When you are at peace you will then have the ability to send peace. You feel restored, renewed and refreshed.

Be Light


This I really love. When things around you are at their darkest, don’t forget to be the light. You have the responsibility to shine your light wherever you go. Provide others with clarity and vision. Shine, radiate your energy so that people become filled. We have been giving the proper tools to guide people through their toughest times. Remember your light is your LOVE.

Plant A Tree


In order to grow we need to be rooted. We need to be laid in rich soil given the appropriate nutrients to stand tall. Never deprive yourself of these essentials for it is vital for daily growth. Surround your tree in an environment that is positive and purposeful.

These gifts are needed for this holiday season. Let’s dig deeper in our hearts and less in our wallets. Let our LOVE be measured by the non tangible items we possess. Wishing you all the LOVE this holiday season! ❤️🎄🎁

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