Ode to LOVE


Every time I try to doubt you, you always find a way of reminding me how real you truly are.

There is no way I could give up on you.

You find a way to always keep me focused and my heart open.
No matter how much I try to shut you out or turn my back on you, you always find a way of seeping into my soul and filling me with the goodness that it is you.

You are life changing, soul shaking and thirst quenching.

You soften the hardest of hearts and warm the coldest of souls.
I get a chance to experience your wonderful work as you bring relationships closer and stronger than ever.

I get to witness first hand the continued partnerships. engagements, weddings and baby showers that are all created because of you.

You are the glue that keeps the most difficult relationships bonded.

You are water-resistant, bulletproof and made by God.

Nothing can tear the foundation you have built.

You will always be the first thing I think of when I awake and what I will continue to pray for at night.

Until we meet again,
Your biggest fan.❤️

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