Sunday Loving


Give thanks for your Sunday.

Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. There is so much value and importance of this day. It’s a time to go to The Lord’s house and thank him for bringing you through another week. It’s a day for reflection, relaxation and recharging. It’s a day for brunches with your girlfriends, family or that special someone.

It’s a day for fruitful conversations with unlimited glasses of mimosas. It’s a day to set out your agenda and create a “things to do list” for all the things you want to get accomplished for the upcoming week. It’s a day for “soul cleaning”. Its a day to realign, and readjust your focus. It’s a day to finish up that book you have been wanting to bring to a close.

I truly do believe if you spend your Sunday doing what you love, the rest of your week will go smoothly. So don’t take your Sunday for granted. Get excited, be encouraged and show LOVE for Sunday.❤️


Just Like Water


When getting to know someone it should feel just like water: pure and natural.

They leave you refreshed and hydrated. They have quenched your thirst, keeping you satisfied and focused. Their presence is fulfilling and self sustaining. You start to speak from your soul and no longer from your mouth.

Their soul pulls you in like the waves from the ocean. It’s overpowering, captivating and magnetic. It takes over you, washing away all of the impurities of the past, keeping your heart open to the future.


You start to exude a certain kind of glow. You have been revived, revitalized and renewed. Your thoughts and dreams are aligned. You start to develop a harmonious tune that can only be heard between you two. Everything is in sync and just like water we move, we flow, and we grow. ❤️

Own Your Faith


It’s the thing that keeps us guided when our path seems dark.

It’s the glue that keeps our heart sealed when so many have broken it.

It’s the thing that keeps us rooted, centered and standing tall when we have been bent, swayed and drifted.

It’s a force not to be reckoned with. This powerful movement is called:

We say we have it but do we really own it?

When we “own our faith” we are not worried about our single status.

When we “own our faith” we know The Lord is the captain of our ship and he will never leave us astray.

When we “own our faith” we believe that things in our lives will work itself out at the right time.

When we “own our faith” we know our current financial situation is temporary and brighter days are soon ahead.

When we “own our faith” we know the delayed breakthrough in our career is because we are suppose to explore our other hidden talents.

When we “own our faith” we are not phased by the people who walk out of our lives for we know their chapter is over and there’s a new book that we need to start writing.

So if you find that you have lost your faith along the way, retrace your steps, locate it, shake it off and strap it against your chest. Make sure that it’s secure and consider putting your name on it.

Let no one take your faith from you. Guard it like your heart, keep it like your LOVE.❤️


Blank Canvas


There’s something about the mark of a new year that makes me excited.

I believe it’s the opportunity to start anew, restart, open up a new chapter. You are given the opportunity to discover this world with a new set of eyes. It’s an exhilarating feeling to know that I have made it through another year: 365 days to be exact. This privilege should not be taken for granted.

A new year brings more memories with loved ones, innovative ideas and goal settings just to name of few. It’s another opportunity for you to let LOVE into your life. Have a more open mind that the best is yet to come. You learn valuable lessons from the past year and make better decisions when choosing who you want in your life. Some move into a more closer relationship with God while others are working on finding their inner peace. You may start working on a new health regimen or decide to dedicate more time in the gym. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’re working on a better YOU.

A new year brings a blank canvas. You are the artist, in charge of the outcome out of this unique work of art. Every color, shape, and brush stroke has been created in your own design. Make this painting, more vibrant, colorful, sharper and vivid. Cheers to your canvas for 2015!❤️