Blank Canvas


There’s something about the mark of a new year that makes me excited.

I believe it’s the opportunity to start anew, restart, open up a new chapter. You are given the opportunity to discover this world with a new set of eyes. It’s an exhilarating feeling to know that I have made it through another year: 365 days to be exact. This privilege should not be taken for granted.

A new year brings more memories with loved ones, innovative ideas and goal settings just to name of few. It’s another opportunity for you to let LOVE into your life. Have a more open mind that the best is yet to come. You learn valuable lessons from the past year and make better decisions when choosing who you want in your life. Some move into a more closer relationship with God while others are working on finding their inner peace. You may start working on a new health regimen or decide to dedicate more time in the gym. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’re working on a better YOU.

A new year brings a blank canvas. You are the artist, in charge of the outcome out of this unique work of art. Every color, shape, and brush stroke has been created in your own design. Make this painting, more vibrant, colorful, sharper and vivid. Cheers to your canvas for 2015!❤️

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