Sunday Loving


Give thanks for your Sunday.

Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. There is so much value and importance of this day. It’s a time to go to The Lord’s house and thank him for bringing you through another week. It’s a day for reflection, relaxation and recharging. It’s a day for brunches with your girlfriends, family or that special someone.

It’s a day for fruitful conversations with unlimited glasses of mimosas. It’s a day to set out your agenda and create a “things to do list” for all the things you want to get accomplished for the upcoming week. It’s a day for “soul cleaning”. Its a day to realign, and readjust your focus. It’s a day to finish up that book you have been wanting to bring to a close.

I truly do believe if you spend your Sunday doing what you love, the rest of your week will go smoothly. So don’t take your Sunday for granted. Get excited, be encouraged and show LOVE for Sunday.❤️


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