Purposeful Path


What is the meaning of “purpose”? To me it is defined as intentional, meaningful and deliberate.

I think it’s important to examine the importance of this word.

As I move deeper into understanding myself. I realize that everything I do should be done with purpose.

My interactions with friends, acquaintances and men should all be done with purpose.

My walk, my talk and my thoughts should echo purpose.

The conversations I engage in should be of purpose. I should walk away from all verbal interactions with more knowledge and insight than I had before.

When thinking of my career it should always resonate purpose. I should strive to be always be a better professional when at work, continue to move with integrity, build character and broaden my professional network.

The men I date should be of purpose. I should be dating men who are truly invested in wanting to build with hopes of settling down. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean everyone is privy of my time.

The man you decide to sleep with should be of purpose. It should be someone that you are in a relationship with. Ladies, don’t give your cookie away for free. More importantly, the man who you let undress you and have a part of you should be the man you can see raising your children. When you reach a certain point in your life there can’t be such a thing as an “unexpected pregnancy” so choose your partner wisely.

Always remember to walk towards a path that leads your heart to purpose.❤️

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