LOVE Out Loud


Earlier this week, a high school friend of mine sent me the link to Ed Sheeran’s video, “Thinking Out Loud”. She expressed that she felt my LOVE was on it’s way. The mere thought of the message and video warmed my heart. As I listened to the words of the song my eyes started watering up completely. I think to be in LOVE is one of the greatest things you could be apart of. As I wait my turn, I am blessed to be completely surrounded by what LOVE looks like. LOVE is found in all relationships. Today, don’t hesitate to share, express, profess and show your special someone how much their soul sets you on fire.

Don’t take anyone’s LOVE for granted. Consider the words, “I LOVE You” a blessing. Whether it’s echoed from the lips of a partner, family member or friend, know that your LOVE makes the world go around.

Below is the link to the video. May it restore, renew and refresh your vision of LOVE. Happy LOVE Day!!!❤️🎈❤️

9 thoughts on “LOVE Out Loud

  1. Nikeisha says:

    There’s nothing better than knowing you deserve greatness and allowing yourself to embrace the thought rather than an unhealthy relationship. Your superman is already ordered. :-*

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