Substance Over Sex

No I’m not just referring to the physical act. Sometimes we can become blinded by the “sexual” energy of a person. They comment on the way a dress may hug certain parts of your body. They always make mention of your physical characteristics. Now don’t get me wrong, are these things important? Sure. I mean it’s great to know there’s chemistry there but when this is the only topic that is explored you must start to question:

        “Where is the substance?”

A real man doesn’t  need to make your physical attributes a topic of discussion all the time. He knows that there are so many more parts to you that should be explored, devoured and tended to. We like to call this a man of substance. The one who goes deeper than the surface and puts in more effort in getting to know the real you. The man who doesn’t require a sexual favor but get more aroused by just being in your presence. The man who just accepts a kiss on the cheek and will not try for nothing more. The men who call just to hear the sweet tone of your voice. The man who has a plan and wastes no time seeing you fit right in his future.

Fix your heart on the man who supports your vision, admires your inner beauty, kisses your fears away and makes LOVE to your soul. ❤️

11 thoughts on “Substance Over Sex

  1. I agree 100%. Someone should want you for you. For how you make him laugh, and smile. For how he can see your hopes and dreams, and be a part of supporting them. A man should be happy to see your face, and his eyes should light up when he see you because you enrich his life.

    But guess what – he’ll still want sex.

    And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as sex is seen as part of a relationship and a way of enhancing it. Sex *should* be a good thing in a relationship. It’s a form of communication, and is much more than just a physical act. It is also emotional, and symbolic. And, I would argue, a necessary component of a healthy relationship.

    But a relationship should never be just about sex.

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    • MoonChild19 says:

      You nailed it right on the head! I could not have said it better! Sex is really icing on the cake. There are so many more facets to a relationship. It’s refreshing to hear a man be so expressive about the topic. Thank You!


      • Hah, I have a number of posts dedicated to this very topic. Sometimes guys don’t get it, and confuse intimacy with sex(not the same). Some times girls don’t get it, and think guys are only looking for sex when they actually are looking for healthy intimacy.

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