Spring Cleaning


Now that we are fully in the new season, I’ve decided it’s time to do some  “Spring Cleaning”. But this isn’t the cleaning that needs a broom or dust pan. This isn’t the cleaning that requires a cleaning agent and a cloth. It’s the clutter, the hurt, the upset that I haven’t let go which I have kept inside my heart. So this piece is for you.

I have come to realize you were nothing but a young boy masked in a  6’1′ build. You are poor excuse for what defines a man. You never knew what it was to fully communicate your feelings about the status of our “situation.” You knew it in your heart our connection had no chance of flourishing, growing or evolving. It doesn’t take a man much time to consider you apart of his “forever”. But you kept me around passing time while you finished up your studies and because I like to be a Hopeful Hannah, I stayed around. When asking the phrase, “What are we?” You came up with all the intellectual reasons as to why we needed to take it slow.  Always stating, “Let’s get to know each other better”.

The time quickly turned into months and we just stood still, stagnant, frozen. I knew deep down in my heart that I was traveling on the road to nowhere. The phone calls stopped, and the text messages started to become few. It all came to a halt in August. Communication was severed for  good. Never to be heard from again.

But I want to thank you for your departure. You allowed me to tap into a gift that I put on a shelf for way too long. I found my voice in writing. I created a platform where I can express myself I am now sharing my journey to this thing called LOVE through my words. I am sharper, grounded and more resilient than ever. I get more time to work on the best version of myself. You didn’t make me bitter but so much better. ❤️  

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