Friendship Set On Fire

Have you ever had that one person that you couldn’t shake no matter how far the distance was between y’all ? You ever have that person who occupied such a huge part of your life?  That person who gets you inside and out? That person you can be your complete self with? No judgements, no secrets and no filters? In this journey I have felt many things, heartache, confusion, sadness and disbelief to name of few. But one feeling that trumps it all is that thing called LOVE. For better or worst I still will choose it first. 
There’s this special guy who makes my heart smile. I never knew how much I loved him until now. I know you’re all thinking, “Ok, if he makes your heart smile and makes you feel so good why aren’t you with him?” Well, because life is not that simple. If things always matched up they way we wanted we would never have an opportunity to grow. There would be no room for improvement. People are put in your life as either a blessing or a lesson and this guy is a little of both. 

When our paths crossed it was like an immediate connection. The strongest I have ever felt thus far. Sure I am attracted to his physical but this thing we have goes way beyond the surface. It is as if our souls communicated with one another making a pact that would keep us binded forever. Seven years later and this guy gives me the same feeling. 

Every meetup, interaction. Every embrace is more special than the last. The way he looks at me and his touch makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the room. His smile brightens up the darkest of rooms.  He gives me a feeling that’s indescribable. He’s so in tuned with me. Picks up on my energy good or bad and just leaves me with a smile that has been tattooed on my heart. He doesn’t hold back and keeps it all the way real with me. 

And maybe his presence in my life is to serve as a reminder of what it is to feel LOVE. To be reminded of the goodness and the sweetness of LOVE. The way it feels when it covers and caresses you. This LOVE is far from sexual but sensual, soul shaking and breathtaking. Among all these things he is also my friend. Which is what is important when looking for a mate. We have that kind of friendship that has been set on fire which is where real LOVE lies.

I don’t know what the future holds for us but whatever it is, I fully accept and welcome it with open arms. ❤️

It’s Not That Serious 

So I wanted to talk about last night. 

Had a good time with someone that I met. One word to describe it: FUN. Like the kind of fun that resonates on your spirit way after the date has passed. 

For once I didn’t have the feeling like ” Oh, is this gonna be the man for me?” “Will this turn into something more?” I believe having this mind set will really change the way I approach dating and men. It’s like all these years later I have finally figured it out: Just Chill. 

No matter how you present yourself, how well put together you are or what you do you, the person meant for you will come at the RIGHT time. No need to push an agenda or whip out your “Things I Want In My Mate” checklist. A Iot of times I just forget the importance of enjoying a man’s company. Sometimes the situation is not that serious and that’s OK. Yesterday was a great reminder of that.  Friday was a night full of good food, drinks and dancing with a lot of laugher on the side. ❤️

Lost In Translation 


A topic that I already covered but I think I need to revisit this again. It has come to my attention that men are really not understanding what it is to pick up the phone and call a woman. 

This form of communication is essential to building a connection with someone. I have been coming across a lot of men who think it’s just fine with texting someone that they find interesting. No, No and No!! How in the world can you we get to know each other? I don’t want to wait until I see you for us to talk. I want you to pick up the phone and I want to hear your voice on the other end. 

Texting is such a passive way of communicating. It requires very little effort and you can excuse yourself from the conversation at any time. You do not have to be upfront, you can ignore a question you have been asked and list goes on. This is a complete turn off for myself and I’m sure there are a lot of women that  can agree with me. No matter what habits a guy has, if he knows that calling you is important to you, he will make it his business to dial your number.  Men will only do what they are allowed.
To the men in the world, keep in mind: “Women fall in LOVE between their ears not between their eyes”.❤️

Drop the baggage

Here is great piece on dropping the necessary baggage from your life.

Pages in my mind

Never dwell in your past. Dont shed new tears over old wounds. Let go of the past grudges. Forgive those who hurt you and apologize when necessary. But never take forgiving them to mean remaining in your life. Forgive them and let them go. People deserve second chances but not with you but someone else. You are not a rehabilitation unity for petty offenders in your life.

Let go of everyone from your past who you never need. It doesnt matter what they used to be in your past life. Dont give a damn even though it may hurt them. Your happiness is the most essence thing. You can never get a better thing if you keep on holding on to the good.

Life is a journey, and better travelled carrying only what you need. Unnecessary baggage will only drag you down. Dyfunctional relationships, meaningless conversations, shallow connections etc. Keep…

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Deepen your Devotion and Discipline


As this lental season comes to a close I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts through these 40 days. 

What I have learned is that we have the power to control whatever comes in and out of our lives. It is up to us to protect our spirit and our being from all that is harmful and negative. Be not afraid to throw away what is no longer of use.

Exhibiting self-control is a form of discipline. What I did different during that fast is that I kept all my social apps on my phone. Not once did I find the urge to log on, figure out what I was missing. I realized I served a greater purpose and I owed it to myself to stay focused. We get so consumed with the social world we tend to lose touch with the reality of our own lives. 

We can break any habit that has been formed. We pick up on all kinds of habits both good and bad. It’s up to us destroy those habits that hinder us from growing. We should never become obsessed with things that hold materialistic value. Instead we need to shift our energy on becoming obsessed with the value of our character. 

The lental season is about shedding the old and coming into the new. It is about deepening your devotion and discipline. For all those who have journeyed through these 40 days I pray that you have a renewed sense of LOVE mind, body and soul .