Lost In Translation 


A topic that I already covered but I think I need to revisit this again. It has come to my attention that men are really not understanding what it is to pick up the phone and call a woman. 

This form of communication is essential to building a connection with someone. I have been coming across a lot of men who think it’s just fine with texting someone that they find interesting. No, No and No!! How in the world can you we get to know each other? I don’t want to wait until I see you for us to talk. I want you to pick up the phone and I want to hear your voice on the other end. 

Texting is such a passive way of communicating. It requires very little effort and you can excuse yourself from the conversation at any time. You do not have to be upfront, you can ignore a question you have been asked and list goes on. This is a complete turn off for myself and I’m sure there are a lot of women that  can agree with me. No matter what habits a guy has, if he knows that calling you is important to you, he will make it his business to dial your number.  Men will only do what they are allowed.
To the men in the world, keep in mind: “Women fall in LOVE between their ears not between their eyes”.❤️

8 thoughts on “Lost In Translation 

  1. makupsy says:

    Girl! you hit the nail on the head!! Just the other day I was actually saying the same thing. If you want to see who really matters just switch off your mobile data and see who will actually pick up the phone to call you. I like getting phone calls, I actually do the same when I miss talking to someone so I get annoyed when someone just wants to text all the freaking time!

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    • MoonChild19 says:

      Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! We have truly lost the art of communication as a society.. It’s good to know there are still people who still want to speak on the phone and enjoy listening to ones voice.

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  2. makupsy says:

    Reblogged this on MAKUPSY and commented:
    It’s like Shea read my mind! Sometimes I just ask myself, can this person not pick up the phone and call? Constant text messages without actually speaking to someone become impersonal. Geez!


  3. I too, in my manly ignorance have learned that many woman really want that. I think I assumed it before, but then after a few relationships of the woman always calling me 24/7 I got in the habit of just being called rather than calling. So the next one used to complain a lot about me not calling 🙂

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