It’s Not That Serious 

So I wanted to talk about last night. 

Had a good time with someone that I met. One word to describe it: FUN. Like the kind of fun that resonates on your spirit way after the date has passed. 

For once I didn’t have the feeling like ” Oh, is this gonna be the man for me?” “Will this turn into something more?” I believe having this mind set will really change the way I approach dating and men. It’s like all these years later I have finally figured it out: Just Chill. 

No matter how you present yourself, how well put together you are or what you do you, the person meant for you will come at the RIGHT time. No need to push an agenda or whip out your “Things I Want In My Mate” checklist. A Iot of times I just forget the importance of enjoying a man’s company. Sometimes the situation is not that serious and that’s OK. Yesterday was a great reminder of that.  Friday was a night full of good food, drinks and dancing with a lot of laugher on the side. ❤️

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