Me, Myself & I


     All the fog that was clouding my vision soon disappeared. All the anxiety I felt in my chest was set free. The tension in my fingers was released. The worry in my face was smoothed over with excitement for my future. 

     When you really sit down and take the time to think about the things you want to get accomplished it should get you charged up. I feel a burst of energy when thinking about the plans I have for myself. I know I touched upon this before but it is so important to get your life in order. Like really, Like seriously. 
     During this stage of single hood, I have realized that God is not finished with me yet. He knows that I need to make a commitment to myself to improve in all areas of my life: physically, mentally and emotionally. I am looking to take my blogging to the next level by expanding my social media audience (I will create an account via Instagram solely for the purpose of my blog, details to be revealed soon!). I have decided to further my education and go back to school for yet another certification (I mean it’s all about making yourself marketable, the more certifications the better right?) None of these things would have been a thought if I was knee deep into a relationship. I would have not have taken the time to brings these ideas to light. 
     I consider myself fortunate to have this extra “Me, Myself and I” time. No worries about how I’m going to take care of my child or how my partner and I will pay the mortgage this month. I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want and how I want. I couldn’t be more blessed. I thank the Lord for the ability for refining me into the woman I’m supposed to be. Cultivate the habit of falling in LOVE with yourself, obtaining your goals and goodness will surely follow..❤️

I’m Not A Secret

So I find myself scrolling through the wonderful world of Instagram and stumble upon a former high school mate’s page. I decided to look at her pervious posts since we recently connected. From the pictures it appears she’s doing well, likes to travel and enjoys living her life. I then see her cuddled up with someone who looks like her mate.

Her smile brightens when she is photographed with him. The captions are followed by the in love emoji:😍. Making references to him being her “other half”. As you all know I’m a true lover of love so I get excited seeing these photos. She’s giving her followers a glimpse of her love life and might I add her guy is very handsome. So I find one photo where she tags his name and me being rather inquisitive, I clicked on his name. I was expecting to see remnants of him being in a relationship showing off my former high school mate. Surprisingly, I saw nothing. Not one photo. I mean not even a fingernail, no hands being held, no nada. It was as if he was a single man. Oh, but I did see a photo, of one woman. It was Kim Kardashian-West wearing a scantily clad white bathing suit which happened to “break the Internet” about a year ago.

I’m sorry, this is a problem. Am I not good enough to show off to your followers? Are you hiding that part of you giving the world the idea you are “not in a relationship”? I am not sure what pact my former classmate and her boyfriend made but as long as you have a Facebook or Instagram account, there better be a picture of me on your timeline. It doesn’t matter how I private of a person you are, you will find a way to show off the person you LOVE. I am not a secret nor did I sign up to be one when we decided to take our relationship further. I should be acknowledged on and off line.

There should be pictures filling up your camera roll as they do mine. It’s bigger than social media. It is about one taking pride in their relationship and showcasing all facets of their happiness. I deserve to feel and see the LOVE.❤️

Present Focused

So we talk it but are we living it ? Living in the now? Living in the present? Do we know what it is to just “Be”? No thinking about tomorrow or what things will look like ten years from now?

 I will say that society is responsible for this frame of thinking. We are conditioned at the earlier stages of adulthood to come up with our 5 year plan. So we carefully put yogrthrt this plan laying out all the steps we need to follow. We are so sure nothing will get in the way of us reaching our goals. But we forgot to factor in one important component in our plan: LIFE. With its unexpected twists, detours and disruptions life has to offer, we find ourselves constantly changing this plan. Until we realize there is no fool-proof plan. 

Everything will fall into place exactly how it’s suppose to. God has already written our story. Every chapter has been created with a lesson at the end. So take this time to stay in the present. Say yes to new experiences, new ideas and new people. Book that trip that you have been putting off. Take that road trip across country to a town where no one knows your name. Spend your lunch break in the park while reading a good back. Take hold, grab the present tight before it becomes your past. Let the future work itself out. For there is so much life to be lived and so much LOVE to give. Stay in the now. Stay in the present.❤️