Present Focused

So we talk it but are we living it ? Living in the now? Living in the present? Do we know what it is to just “Be”? No thinking about tomorrow or what things will look like ten years from now?

 I will say that society is responsible for this frame of thinking. We are conditioned at the earlier stages of adulthood to come up with our 5 year plan. So we carefully put yogrthrt this plan laying out all the steps we need to follow. We are so sure nothing will get in the way of us reaching our goals. But we forgot to factor in one important component in our plan: LIFE. With its unexpected twists, detours and disruptions life has to offer, we find ourselves constantly changing this plan. Until we realize there is no fool-proof plan. 

Everything will fall into place exactly how it’s suppose to. God has already written our story. Every chapter has been created with a lesson at the end. So take this time to stay in the present. Say yes to new experiences, new ideas and new people. Book that trip that you have been putting off. Take that road trip across country to a town where no one knows your name. Spend your lunch break in the park while reading a good back. Take hold, grab the present tight before it becomes your past. Let the future work itself out. For there is so much life to be lived and so much LOVE to give. Stay in the now. Stay in the present.❤️

2 thoughts on “Present Focused

  1. Alesa says:

    I having these same thoughts recently. We think something is wrong with us when we don’t hit these society established milestones, but we forget God has a plan and ALL things work together for good.

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    • MoonChild19 says:

      Well stated love!! Yes we are on the same page speaking the same language. We shall continue working towards the Present! 😘


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