I’m Not A Secret

So I find myself scrolling through the wonderful world of Instagram and stumble upon a former high school mate’s page. I decided to look at her pervious posts since we recently connected. From the pictures it appears she’s doing well, likes to travel and enjoys living her life. I then see her cuddled up with someone who looks like her mate.

Her smile brightens when she is photographed with him. The captions are followed by the in love emoji:😍. Making references to him being her “other half”. As you all know I’m a true lover of love so I get excited seeing these photos. She’s giving her followers a glimpse of her love life and might I add her guy is very handsome. So I find one photo where she tags his name and me being rather inquisitive, I clicked on his name. I was expecting to see remnants of him being in a relationship showing off my former high school mate. Surprisingly, I saw nothing. Not one photo. I mean not even a fingernail, no hands being held, no nada. It was as if he was a single man. Oh, but I did see a photo, of one woman. It was Kim Kardashian-West wearing a scantily clad white bathing suit which happened to “break the Internet” about a year ago.

I’m sorry, this is a problem. Am I not good enough to show off to your followers? Are you hiding that part of you giving the world the idea you are “not in a relationship”? I am not sure what pact my former classmate and her boyfriend made but as long as you have a Facebook or Instagram account, there better be a picture of me on your timeline. It doesn’t matter how I private of a person you are, you will find a way to show off the person you LOVE. I am not a secret nor did I sign up to be one when we decided to take our relationship further. I should be acknowledged on and off line.

There should be pictures filling up your camera roll as they do mine. It’s bigger than social media. It is about one taking pride in their relationship and showcasing all facets of their happiness. I deserve to feel and see the LOVE.❤️

12 thoughts on “I’m Not A Secret

  1. I agree with this. My wife doesn’t post to her facebook account much, but if you look at it there is no reference to me at all. No family pictures, just her and our kids. I’ve mentioned it, and have been told I’m just being sensitive. I have to admit, that bothers me.

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  2. TheComplicatxn says:

    I have struggled with this before and he gave me a weak excuse about how hus job was dangerous and hiding me was for my safety. The guy was unemployed. Now I know the signs to check for

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  3. I must say, I do understand where you are coming from, and unfortunately there are many men who are too prideful to show off their other half, the reasons may vary. However, I would like you to look deeper Into society and look at what has happened to love. Love has become so diluted I’m its meaning, it is more known as a trophy, more than something that represents the soul and the connection between two souls that were brought together by their energies that was once distant. There is this need to show off, to flash people with ideas of a love life in order to get recognition for it. If I say I love you, and you say you love me, believe me because of how I treat you, how I show “you” how much I value you, the smiles that we share, the moments that we create. Let it not be defined by how much I do or don’t show off our relationship to the world. You see, this idea that we have to show off our lives on the Internet is what is destroying reality for many. All of this social media and Internet stuff is new! Our parents didn’t have this, neither did our grandparents or any generation before them. So of course love was shown and done different. It was more believable and it was more heart felt. True love is not on the Internet, it’s in your heart and soul. It saddens me to see that couples, although they are together in the same place, they spend more of their time on the Internet and their love is shown my tagging each other in pics and doing quick joint selfies for likes from the public. I’m sure our parents remember when they would wake up and the first thing they’d do is grant each other with a kiss, speak about their dreams, and then get breakfast ready for us. But now, the first thing we do when we wake up is make sure our phone is alive and see who’s thinking about us in our notifications. Not to get too far off topic but, I just wanted to state the point that the belief that Internet and what we do on while in a relationship should define our love, is what has diluted True Love.

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