Lessons Learned in Philly

A few weeks ago I went to go visit a dear friend of mine in Philly. Her love for her husband and 14 month old baby girl is something I can’t put it into words. They are just the cutest little family I have seen and I am blessed to have her in my life. Before marrying  her life partner 3 years ago, they have been committed to each for over a deacade. Now that’s what I call “vintage LOVE”. While on my trip she taught me 3 leasons that I will take with me as I find way to forever.

1) Don’t Rush– Take this time to thoroughly get to know your mate. Enjoy the “we” time before you become a family. It is important that your values and goals are in alignment. Sure there will be differences that you have which balance you out. Be sure that he is the man you could see being a husband as well as a father. Things change when a child is involved.
2) It Takes Two. Raising a child is a commitment that should be shared by both the mother and father. It’s not enough for you to just be “present” but being “active” is key. Taking turns spending time with your child will give you an opportunity to bond and create your unique relationship with your child. Both mother and father should be nurturing, loving and available. 
3) Keep The Fire Burning. Always find ways to keep your relationship exciting. Whether it’s mini getaways, road trips, double date nights with your “woes” making your partner feel special is very necessary. Never stop doing the things that made you fall in love in the first place. Relationships change but the LOVE for one another should always stay the same. ❤️

Father’s Day Feelings

Today is the day where we honor the men who have carried the title as “Father” but not in the name but in action. It makes me sad that so many people do not have a relationship with their Father’s. This day isn’t as highly publicized as mother’s day. Why the imbalance?
In my opinion a lot of men run away, turn their back on the responsibility of raising their children. One night stands with women, being financially unfit, and some still in “Peter Pan” mode. It is a hard burden for one parent to bear. I don’t like to consider Mother’s as Father’s for the role played is very different.
I want to take this time to admire and celebrate my Father as well as others for being there, being present, being a rock, providing support and for being the glue to keep households together. I commend those who have reunited later on in the lives of the children trying to make it right. I want to also send LOVE to Father’s who have been taken from this earth way too soon. You have become the guardian angels watching over your children.
Refrain from the bashing, and hate for today and send positive vibes to those you know who do an awesome job at being a Father! Happy Father’s Day to you All! ❤️

Early Morning Desires

I need that

I seek that

I crave that

I yearn for that

I look for that

I fein for that

I dream of that

I want that  

Earth-shaking, hypnotic, captivating 

Mind-blowing, explosive, indescribable 

Everlasting, passionate, soulful, 


Separation Or Elevation? 


Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines alignment as: an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another.

When we look at elevating ourselves, a question we should consider is “Who are we aligned with?” Your surroundings definitely have an impact on your elevation. Be with the people who share the same values and beliefs as you. Who are looking to make themselves better constantly, who take you to another level spiritually and be there for you in ways money can’t buy. 
Let’s dissect the definition of alignment real quick. The phrase: “an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another”.
Energy as we know is huge. One’s energy can bring warmth or leave you freezing cold. When in company of the right people, you should always feel welcomed, at ease, at peace. Your “circle”, “clique”, “squad” should represent nothing but LOVE. They should be of prestige, people of integrity, people who you can network with and who are supportive of your dreams. They don’t carry feelings of hate, jealousy and malice in their hearts. They celebrate you at your highs and are there to comfort you at your lows.

Sometimes in life we need to do an “energy check” just to make sure the people we are aligned with are still on the same page. I have come to realize in my adulthood that it’s ok for the energy to change among people I once aligned myself with. But once I recognize and have felt the change I need to be ok with the removal of that “energy”. Does it make that person bad? “No.” We just are not in the same alignment anymore. 

LOVE starts with the investment of yourself and everything that’s associated with your alignment. Remember that proper alignment yields greater elevation. ❤️