Lessons Learned in Philly

A few weeks ago I went to go visit a dear friend of mine in Philly. Her love for her husband and 14 month old baby girl is something I can’t put it into words. They are just the cutest little family I have seen and I am blessed to have her in my life. Before marrying  her life partner 3 years ago, they have been committed to each for over a deacade. Now that’s what I call “vintage LOVE”. While on my trip she taught me 3 leasons that I will take with me as I find way to forever.

1) Don’t Rush– Take this time to thoroughly get to know your mate. Enjoy the “we” time before you become a family. It is important that your values and goals are in alignment. Sure there will be differences that you have which balance you out. Be sure that he is the man you could see being a husband as well as a father. Things change when a child is involved.
2) It Takes Two. Raising a child is a commitment that should be shared by both the mother and father. It’s not enough for you to just be “present” but being “active” is key. Taking turns spending time with your child will give you an opportunity to bond and create your unique relationship with your child. Both mother and father should be nurturing, loving and available. 
3) Keep The Fire Burning. Always find ways to keep your relationship exciting. Whether it’s mini getaways, road trips, double date nights with your “woes” making your partner feel special is very necessary. Never stop doing the things that made you fall in love in the first place. Relationships change but the LOVE for one another should always stay the same. ❤️

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