July Loving

       Hello summer! Hello July! This happens to be my favorite month because it’s my birthday month! Im a true cancer to the core! ♋️♋️♋️👑👑👑😁😁😁😁 LOL. Cancers are caring, crazy, comical, compassionate and creative just to name a few. We feel just about everything!! We LOVE our family and friends to the depths of our soul. We make things personal all the time which gets us in trouble quite often because we can become reactive and defensive. But we are super generous and will support you in any way that’s possible.        One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to LOVE without end. My feelings on LOVE are endless. I can really fill my heart up with the way it touches and moves me. If you have been following my blog you already know this. But the LOVE I have far exceeds that of a man. I mean the LOVE for the Lord, Myself, my career, framily (friends & family) professional and development. That’s where your you find real LOVE. 

       This summer I plan on sharing my LOVE with the special people in my world. Getting my students ready for the new school year. I will be making love to the world by traveling to a new country at the end of the month ( I’ll be blogging about the place very soon!). I get to be in the presence of LOVE as I have two weddings to attend before the summer ends. 

       I will say my life has been nothing but full and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheers to a beautiful summer filled with memories of life, laughter and LOVE. ❤️

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