The Summer of Love

It has been an amazing ride this summer. I had a chance to witness LOVE up close and personal at two wedding! I was in such awe with the way the brides looked at their grooms with such amazement and admiration. There was a peace that came over them, like the calm after a storm. They decided in front of God, with the witness of their family and friends, to commit their lives completely to their partners.

One wedding took place in Miami on August 15th at a beautiful hotel called “The Edition”. Everything was so hot, glam and filled with fabulousness. Every sparkle, every candle illuminated the room giving way to elegance and sophistication. The All Black Wedding brought everyone on one accord with our eyes fixated on the bride and groom who were dressed in white. My friend since the 8th grade and her husband ended the night thanking all her guests for coming and took the opportunity to recite their vows which I like to call “open love letters”. One thing she said that stuck out is, “Put your faith in God, and with him all things can be possible” She went on to emphasize had it not been for him, she would not be standing here in this moment.

This past Saturday, August 22nd, my grad school mate turned friend walked down the aisle at the beautiful, Woodbury Country Club in Woodbury, NY. Upon entering the venue you felt like you were on a secluded island. The venue was filled with flowers, a pond and waterfalls. Reggae music filled the speakers giving way to a lover’s paradise. Ice sculptures carved out the names of the bride and groom in a huge heart that was showcased for all the guests to see. This wedding was all about getting down and partying. Sitting down was not an option. If you’ve ever been to a West Indian event, you know this to be true. I have never seen my friend smile so bright and when I got a chance to greet her she shouted, “I got a husband girl!” She went on to say that she is beyond happy and that this man has been their for her through sickness and in health. What more can a girl ask for?!

Two weddings two different experiences but the one thing that remained the same was their foundation in friendship. Before the “I do’s”, the rings that decorated their hands, there has been a deep rooted friendship created. Which in return gave birth to their LOVE for one another. If I haven’t learned anything from these experiences is that you need to become friends with your partners. Learn how to communicate on a level that goes beyond the physical. It is about compromise, being honest and understanding.

This summer has proven to be the season of LOVE. LOVE in its purest and most genuine form. Being apart of these events gives me hope that my LOVE is around the corner, I just gotta keep the faith.❤️

A Year Later..


Wow time surely does fly! I can’t  believe yesterday made a year of blogging for me!! This is truly an accomplishment and a driving force for me to be a better writer. 

I remember when I wrote my first piece, the fractured state I was in. Very hesitant and reluctant to tell my story. Feelings of vulnerability ran through my body. But this has been my coping mechanism and a year later I am so much stronger. I am more confident in myself and I feel like my writing has definitely transcended to another level. 

My blog is more than just writing about my dates or meetups with gentlemen but its about covering all facets of what LOVE is. Finding LOVE in the Lord, self, people, travel and career just to name a few. 
Blogging is less about how many likes you receive but about the message you are putting out into the universe. Speak to the heart and soul of people. You never know who you are inspiring, who is depending on your story.
 I thank all who continuously take the time to follow my words, my journey, and my LOVE. Cheers to my 1 year!! ❤️

The Truth Is..

I was never ready for you. I need more time for myself. I have to get to know me better. I need to be more patient, more understanding, more connected to the Lord.

 I need to become a better professional, get immersed in my career, be more financially secure. I need to make peace with my past and forgive those who have done me wrong. I need to spend time working on my personal and social relatuonships with individuals that I value. I need to focus on staying in the present and enjoying what life is right now. 

 I couldn’t see it then but I appreciate your departure. You allowed for me to look at myself in the mirror and work more on my reflection. Making sure what I am projecting is what I want others to receive. 
The truth is I am evolving, growing and living. I need to seek love on all levels before I can demand it from you. I need to love me more before I love you.❤️